Gentle Giant Ltd. Premier Guild 2017 Announcement!

Everything you thought you knew about the Gentle Giant Premier Guild is about to change.

Collect How YOU Want to Collect!


Welcome to the Gentle Giant 2017 Premier Guild!   We do hope that you will join us for a year of fun and awesome collectibles!

What is the Gentle Giant Premiere Guild?

It’s way more than a “fan club.”  It’s a place to let your voice be heard.  It’s a place to get exclusive products.  It’s things you get to see that no one else gets to see. It lets you get a first crack at many new items. Plus, it’s discounts, coupons, double rewards points, raffles, some surprises mailed to you AND a gift!


What is new this year?

A LOT!  This year we have overhauled the Premier Guild and we are trying something new with tiered membership! We are adding new levels of membership to accommodate the different types of collectors out there.   If you are a Premier Guild member just to get the con exclusives, we have a level for you, if you want everything to stay the same as you have done for the past membership years we have a level for you, if you are a hardcore Gentle Giant Ltd fan and want some super rare items we have a membership level ready for you!

We also want to make the Premier Guild more personal this year with more sneak peeks, more behind the scenes, some Q&As and even a chance for the two 2 tiers to vote on and pick a bust that we will then make!


What do I get if I join?

YOU get to decide that! Depending on what level you choose it’s a LOT!  ANY level you choose you will get the cost of membership back in the form of something amazing!!  You can compare the three levels of membership and their benefits from the chart below and decide what level is right for you.


Why are you changing things this year?

We know not every person collects the same way or the same things, so we wanted to give everyone options this year to collect how YOU want to collect!  And we think we have come up with some pretty sweet incentives for each of the levels.  But if you like things just the way they were we have a tier that keeps things the same as years past with a few added bonuses.


Do we still get discounts?

YES!  And the higher the tier the better the discounts you get.  Each tier of membership will receive some percentage off all their orders of non-exclusive/regular release products placed directly through the Gentle Giant Website.


Are there still going to be Premier Guild Exclusives?

Oh yes! Premier Guild members have the firsthand opportunity to purchase any exclusive that we create. This includes all distributor, international, and convention exclusives. Members also have the opportunity to pre-order and post-order San Diego Comic Con Exclusives before anyone else. While supplies last.  Each tier will have an exclusive window to order the exclusives starting with platinum first, then gold then silver.


What are the tiers for the 2017 Premier Guild?

How do I join?

Sign up will begin on March 31st on!