Hot on the heels of IDW’s MARS ATTACKS comic book– whose first issue sold out in less than a week– Topps announces today that MARS ATTACKS HERITAGE is officially SOLD OUT.   After its initial release on July 11, Topps saw a tremendous surge in wholesale orders, reorders and retail interest.  What little remains on store shelves and with hobby distributors is now all that is available.

“Based on the pent-up interest, we produced what we felt would be a more than an adequate amount of product,” said Ira Friedman, Topps VP Global Licensing.  “Well, we were wrong. Demand has far exceeded supply and we are cleaned out!”

Following the comic book’s rave reviews, a smash-hit promotion at San Diego Comic-Con and widespread media coverage of the brand’s 50th anniversary, Topps now turns its focus to what comes next. Friedman added, “fans will be pleased to know that 2012 is not just a milestone celebration– it’s the first chapter of our Mars Attacks relaunch.  Expect some big surprises and keep your eyes to the sky: the invasion is just beginning!”

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In the meantime, don’t forget to check out Gentle Giant’s selection of Mars Attacks Products!

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Meet Simon Lee, creator of the Reapers!

At San Diego Comic Con 2012, Gentle Giant had a deluxe edition of Blade II on Blu-Ray for sale at our booth. Included in the package was an exclusive Blade II Reaper mini bust. This piece was developed by an incredibly talented sculptor, Simon Lee (better known as Spider Zero) to his fans. Mr. Lee also collaborated directly with Blade II director Guillermo Del Toro to create and develop the feared Reapers for the film. Recently, we corresponded with Mr. Lee and asked him a couple of questions about his art.

What got you in to sculpting?
Sculpting has been a hobby for me since I was a kid, but I only decided to pursue it as a career three years ago.

Do you have anyone that you can cite as a major influence in your style?
With sculptors I would have to say Bernini and Rodin – I love the dynamic energy that they were able to instill in their work.

What other pieces have you done that collectors might recognize?
As far as collectibles go, I have released quite a few resin kits under my own brand, but these days I work primarily as a concept artist for films – you will be able to see some of my creature design work in the upcoming Guillermo del Toro giant-monsters-vs-giant-robots epic “Pacific Rim,” in the summer of 2013.

How did you approach your design for the Blade Reaper Mini Bust?
I worked closely with Guillermo del Toro and he gave me a lot of pointers on that one – it always helps to have the original designer to art direct you.

Out of all of your work, do you have a favorite piece you’ve done? If so, why is it your favorite?
I have this one piece called “At the Gates of Hell,” which is composed of 51 individually sculpted characters. As far as design composition goes, that one is the most complex I’ve done to date.

Is there any particular subject you’d love to sculpt in the future?
No preference. I enjoy sculpting monsters just as much as I enjoy sculpting beautiful characters.

Thank you, Simon!

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