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Hey all! Just thought you might want to see some behind-the-scenes pictures from one of our factories working on a very long-awaited project… the Star Wars Chess Set!

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Arriving in the next 30 days!

Hey folks! Some of you have asked for a further breakdown of our arrival schedule, specifically about what’s arriving this month. Well, here you go! =D

  • Nien Nunb Mini Bust (shipped last week)
  • AFX Exclusive Imperial Gunner Mini Bust
  • Diamond Exclusive Red Hulk Mini Bust
  • Watto Mini Bust
  • Sucker Punch WWI German Zombie Statue
  • Sucker Punch Rocket Statue
  • Jumbo Vintage Kenner Greedo 12” Figure
Another awesome reason to swing by our booth at SWCVI next weekend:


Hot on the heels of IDW’s MARS ATTACKS comic book– whose first issue sold out in less than a week– Topps announces today that MARS ATTACKS HERITAGE is officially SOLD OUT.   After its initial release on July 11, Topps saw a tremendous surge in wholesale orders, reorders and retail interest.  What little remains on store shelves and with hobby distributors is now all that is available.

“Based on the pent-up interest, we produced what we felt would be a more than an adequate amount of product,” said Ira Friedman, Topps VP Global Licensing.  “Well, we were wrong. Demand has far exceeded supply and we are cleaned out!”

Following the comic book’s rave reviews, a smash-hit promotion at San Diego Comic-Con and widespread media coverage of the brand’s 50th anniversary, Topps now turns its focus to what comes next. Friedman added, “fans will be pleased to know that 2012 is not just a milestone celebration– it’s the first chapter of our Mars Attacks relaunch.  Expect some big surprises and keep your eyes to the sky: the invasion is just beginning!”

For more information on Mars Attacks, visit, or follow on twitter @realmarsattacks

In the meantime, don’t forget to check out Gentle Giant’s selection of Mars Attacks Products!

Want a Star Wars Jumbo Vintage Cantina Playset?

Good! Because we’re GIVING ONE AWAY!

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Please note, this contest is for the PLAYSET ONLY. Figures not included.

Arriving in the next 90 Days!

First and foremost, we’ll be at Star Wars Celebration VI in Orlando, FL from August 22-26. Come by Booth 521 and say hi!

Second (and more importantly), here’s what’s arriving in the next 90 days!

Item License Edition Size
Female Stormtrooper Statue Star Wars 650
Female Stormtrooper Statue PGM Star Wars 140
R2-D2 Maquette Star Wars 1000
Pre Vizsla Maquette Star Wars 700
Pre Vizsla Holographic PGM  Maquette Star Wars 200
Rocket Statue Sucker Punch 1000
Spider-Woman Mini Bust Marvel 450
Watto Mini Bust Star Wars 1200
Greedo Kenner 12″ Figure Star Wars 1400
Captain America Classic Mini Bust Marvel 550
Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Mini Bust Harry Potter 950
Hawkeye Mini Bust Marvel 900
Iron Man Classic Silver Mini Bust Marvel 520
Deadpool Mini Bust Marvel 1700
Nien Nunb Mini Bust Star Wars 900
Sucker Punch WWI German Zombie Statue Sucker Punch 275
R5-D4 Kenner  Figure Star Wars 1000
Imperial Gunner AFX Exclusive Mini Bust Star Wars 1200
Star Wars Dart Board Star Wars 750
Red Hulk Diamond Exclusive Mini Bust Marvel 600
Iron Man Mark II (Gold Armor) Mini Bust Marvel 300
CVI Exclusives & 2012 Holiday Bust now up for Pre-Order!

We’re less than a month away from Star Wars Celebration VI in Orlando! We’re going to have some fantastic exclusives to share this year, and we want to give you the opportunity to secure these highly-desirable pieces in advance!

To place a guaranteed pre-order for the CVI exclusives, you must be a member of the Premier Guild. If you haven’t joined the Premier Guild yet for 2012, now’s the best time to do it! Join today, and in addition to pre-ordering our CVI exclusives you can select one of five exciting pieces as a free gift! Once you’re a member, click on the images below and pre-order your exclusives today!

Just like they were when you were a kid, only BIGGER! Gentle Giant continues on with their new line of vintage Star Wars Action figure reproductions with the release of Lando Calrissian!!! Digitally scanned from mint 3 3/4” Kenner originals and reproduced to a substantial 12” tall. Nothing has been overlooked. Roto and injection molded and made of durable plastics, this jumbo figure includes a vinyl cape and blaster, just like the original!That’s not all, this classic Kenner creation comes packaged on a 1981, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back inspired blister card, featuring original front, in a re-sealable plastic outer clam shell to help protect and display!

SWCVI Exclusive Blue Clone Trooper Statue

Cloned and specially trained as officers on the watery world of Kamino, the clone trooper lieutenants served in the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars conflict. The rank of clone trooper lieutenant is recognized specifically by blue markings on the helmet and torso. Superior training and an unwavering loyalty to the Galactic Republic made the clone troopers the most efficient military forces ever to have existed in galactic history. This highly-detailed statue, based on the original Lucasfilm costumes and props, was sculpted and painted by Gentle Giant Ltd. We hope you enjoy it.

Save yourself the trouble of waiting in line to buy these pieces at our booth and running the risk of them selling out before you could even get on the floor! Pre-order them today and we’ll send them to you after the show, so you don’t need to lug them around or ship them home yourself!

We’re also happy to announce that we have begun taking pre-orders on our Holiday Exclusive for 2012 – the Jar Jar Binks and W. Wald Holiday 2012 Deluxe Mini Bust Set!

The Gentle Giant Holiday Bust has become quite a tradition. 2012 brings collectors of this rare line a special treat – a Deluxe Mini Bust 2-Pack! For the first time, Gentle Giant is offering collectors the chance to bring home Jar Jar Binks and W. Wald for the Holidays! The Jar Jar comes entangled in a string of holiday lights (with several display modes) and wearing a Santa hat! Both of the holiday accessories are removable so you can proudly display Jar Jar year round! Also included in the pack is one of Warwick Davis’ many Star Wars characters, the Rodian W. Wald from The Phantom Menace.Boasting uncanny screen-accuracy, these 1/6th scale renditions are cast in high quality polystone and come individually numbered with a matching certificate of authenticity. They make up a strictly limited edition collectible set , only from Gentle Giant LTD.

To place a guaranteed pre-order for our annual Holiday Mini Bust, you must be a member of the
Premier Guild. If you’re not already, join today!

Also, Collectors, we’ve heard you. We know many of you would like to be able to order multiple Premier Guild gifts for yourselves and your loved ones. So, for one week only, we’re removing the one pre-order per account limit on all five 2012 Premier Guild Gifts! Enjoy!

Meet Simon Lee, creator of the Reapers!

At San Diego Comic Con 2012, Gentle Giant had a deluxe edition of Blade II on Blu-Ray for sale at our booth. Included in the package was an exclusive Blade II Reaper mini bust. This piece was developed by an incredibly talented sculptor, Simon Lee (better known as Spider Zero) to his fans. Mr. Lee also collaborated directly with Blade II director Guillermo Del Toro to create and develop the feared Reapers for the film. Recently, we corresponded with Mr. Lee and asked him a couple of questions about his art.

What got you in to sculpting?
Sculpting has been a hobby for me since I was a kid, but I only decided to pursue it as a career three years ago.

Do you have anyone that you can cite as a major influence in your style?
With sculptors I would have to say Bernini and Rodin – I love the dynamic energy that they were able to instill in their work.

What other pieces have you done that collectors might recognize?
As far as collectibles go, I have released quite a few resin kits under my own brand, but these days I work primarily as a concept artist for films – you will be able to see some of my creature design work in the upcoming Guillermo del Toro giant-monsters-vs-giant-robots epic “Pacific Rim,” in the summer of 2013.

How did you approach your design for the Blade Reaper Mini Bust?
I worked closely with Guillermo del Toro and he gave me a lot of pointers on that one – it always helps to have the original designer to art direct you.

Out of all of your work, do you have a favorite piece you’ve done? If so, why is it your favorite?
I have this one piece called “At the Gates of Hell,” which is composed of 51 individually sculpted characters. As far as design composition goes, that one is the most complex I’ve done to date.

Is there any particular subject you’d love to sculpt in the future?
No preference. I enjoy sculpting monsters just as much as I enjoy sculpting beautiful characters.

Thank you, Simon!