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February Status update

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January Status Update

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Happy Thanksgiving!

In honor of Thanksgiving, Gentle Giant’s offices will be closed tomorrow and Friday. We’ll be back in the office on Monday, December 2nd.
We’re also excited to announce that next week will be our CYBER WEEK EXTRAVAGANZA!
ALL orders for In-Stock merchandise placed from December 2nd through December 6th will received discounted shipping*
* Free Domestic Shipping or 50% off International shipping. Shipping amounts will be adjusted prior to orders being processed.
Any orders (for in-stock items only) over $100 will receive 10% off in addition to the shipping discount.
On top of that, we’ll be offering daily specials all next week, so keep an eye on our Facebook page, Twitter and your e-mail inbox for updates.
To all of our fellow Americans, Happy Thanksgiving!
To all of our friends abroad, have a great rest of your week and a wonderful weekend!

Collector Review

Here is a Collector Review from Dar at and Star Wars Fanboys and Girls.






Gentle Giant 4-LOM Review

Yep I said 4-LOM , how does that sit with the hardcore fans? Guess well just have to wait and find out but gentle giant made the decision to give this rendition of the bounty hunter the name it was intended to have.


So what was the first I did when I recived this bounty hunter.?  … I ran to my wall of the vintage star wars figures, grabbed Zuckuss

(4-Lom) and compared every detail side by side.


The back of the card comes in the style of a vintage 32 back but ofcourse we have 33 here, split into 3, we have the right hand side showcasing the ones released and the vertical 10 showcasing the ones soon to be released or just released. And then ofcourse the bottom portion show casing the mini busts and the one that stands out there ofcourse is the Malgus bust.  Ooh and theres also a POP done in the classic vintage way. Can I cut them off all the 40 jumbo figures I

have and get a playset??   No clue and im not gonna cut them and send

them in to find out either .:)


Every detail has been blown up and made into this near perfect rendition of the bounty hunter.  Now you ask me why I gave it a near perfect, well as anal as I am I noticed the one thing that most wont even care for… the star burst/lens flare shine on the bottom border right next to the kenner logo,  it doesn’t hit the top of the border like it should. J


Well to the figure now. I honestly could wait to open this, and in turn cant wait for the Zuckuss (original 4LOM) release next year as I want to display the 6 bounty hunters together.


As always gentle giant provide us with a sturdy clamshell that can be opened easily and not like those vacuum packed packaged, where you need a knife to open a knife. NO CUTS HERE.


The figure it self as always is light weight and feels great. The paint application is spot on and I see details that I really didn’t

pay attn to when I was a kid to the smaller version.   The one thing

you cant tell that these are defo re casted from the original smaller version, as some detailed on the leg have very sharp edges on the small version and the jumbo have more smoother transitions.


The paint on the jumbo seems to be a more darker, less shimmering in comparison to the original but to be honest once you have it standing on the shelf you wont even pay attn to that detail.


The gun is absolutely awesome, zuckuss always had one of the coolest guns in the toy line and seeing it in 12 inch scale is incredible. But one major problem .. it doesn’t fit in his hand.. that’s not good :/


Im really happy with this figure  I keeps staring at this and the original 3.75 inch MOC and it makes me wanna make a giant sized toys r us price sticker J


The whole jumbo line really allows you to appreciate the construction and time take to make this awesome product especially as we weren’t offered this one or over 20 of the ones beings released as we were kids or adults for that matter back in the day.






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