Hey folks! Some of you have asked for a further breakdown of our arrival schedule, specifically about what’s arriving this month. Well, here you go! =D

  • Nien Nunb Mini Bust (shipped last week)
  • AFX Exclusive Imperial Gunner Mini Bust
  • Diamond Exclusive Red Hulk Mini Bust
  • Watto Mini Bust
  • Sucker Punch WWI German Zombie Statue
  • Sucker Punch Rocket Statue
  • Jumbo Vintage Kenner Greedo 12” Figure

3 Responses to “Arriving in the next 30 days!”

  1. When is the •AFX Exclusive Imperial Gunner Mini Bust going to be available for PGM?

  2. Hi
    What is coming out in Oct.?
    Got my Greedo figure in,way cool.
    What is next?

  3. Ok it’s been more than 60 days and the Imperial Gunner Mini Bust still is not here, what’s the deal?

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