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Please note, this contest is for the PLAYSET ONLY. Figures not included.

784 Responses to “Want a Star Wars Jumbo Vintage Cantina Playset?”

  1. This is amazing! Thanks for giving one away.

  2. Bib Fortuna

  3. Pretty Cool!

  4. Biker Scout

  5. This would be awesome for any collection. Thanks for this give-a-way

  6. Bossk!

  7. I would definitely love one of these. What a great showpiece for the figures!

  8. IG-88!

  9. I want to see Yak Face.

  10. 2-1B all the way!

  11. Zuckuss

  12. 4-Lom would be a cool one! The bounty hunters should all be the next ones!

  13. That sad part is I had most these figurines once upon a time, if I had not become a greedy teenager and sold them in a yard sale, I would have kept them and valued them as an adult

  14. IG-88

  15. Would be awesome to see a Jumbo Royal Guard

  16. Yak Face

  17. porkins!!!

  18. Power Droid. :)

  19. Emperor

  20. Snowtrooper

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  22. in for 53 entries today woot!!! hope I win!!!

  23. Rocket Firing Boba Fett prototype

  24. Bib F.!!

  25. I missed out the first time around , thanks for a new bigger jumbo opportunity

  26. Want want want

  27. Cantina set I want. Win I must!

  28. I likey. I likey a lot.

  29. Ewoks. Yeah, I said it. EWOKS.

  30. 4-LOM

  31. Imperial commander

  32. DT LUKE!
    DT Vader!!
    DT Obi!!!

  33. Bossk

  34. Thanks for the giveaway! I’d like to see IG-88!

  35. emperor’s royal guard

  36. Thanks for the giveaway! This would look amazing next to my Little Giant Darth Malgus figure

  37. Rocket firing bobs fett

  38. blue snags on a full card

  39. IG-88!

  40. Dianoga Trash Monster from the Death Star Playset!

  41. Mouse Droid!

  42. Thanks for the opportunity! Love these jumbo Kenner figures and this playset will make a nice display!

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  44. Jumbo Jabba!

  45. IG-88

  46. What about a Jumbo Ewok?

  47. I am collecting the droids from this series. This would be a nice display piece!

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  49. Bossk

  50. I just ordered the Greedo and Blue Snaggle Tooth from Gentle Giant. I couldn’t help myself. It would be awesome to have the whole set!

  51. Yes PLEASE

  52. How about Han or Luke in Hoth gear ?

  53. I vote for Bib Fortuna!

  54. Want, want, need!

  55. L-slot Boba Fett

  56. Bossk

  57. Would love to see the Snowtrooper next

  58. Really like these figures

  59. Snowtrooper

  60. Leia (Bespin Gown)

  61. Stormtrooper in Hoth Battle Gear

  62. Bespin Luke gets my vote!

  63. Complete the collection , let me win it

  64. Nice! This would go great with my collection.

  65. Salacious crumb

  66. Bib Fortuna

  67. Bo’marr Monk or massive Rancor

  68. Power Droid, IG-88 & Ughnaut!!!

  69. A non exclusive Boba Fett

  70. IG-88

  71. double telescoping Vader ;)

  72. AWESOME!

  73. Boba Fett on SW card

  74. love it!

  75. Ackbar!!! “It’s a trap!”

  76. Get idea, would love to get one

  77. bossk

  78. Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Sandpeople, Luke as X-Wing Pilot and Power Droid.

  79. emperor’s royal guard

  80. Amanaman

  81. Hard to choose but let’s go with…. Yak Face

  82. Blue Snags

  83. Yak Face please!!

  84. Would love to see a jumbo EV-9D9 next!

  85. Boba Fett on SW card

  86. Royal Guard

  87. Amanaman

  88. Dr Evasan!

  89. It would be great to have this!

  90. Sweet!

  91. Awesome looking display!

  92. Imperial Snowtrooper

  93. Please do Yak Face next!

  94. IG-88 would rule!

  95. CVI! WooHoo! Set looks great!

  96. How about a Snowtrooper?

  97. Amanaman!

  98. This is awesome

  99. This set REALLY brings back some great memories!

  100. Droooooooooling……. Boba Fett (ANH) card

  101. This is an awesome opportunity to win a great line of figures.

  102. Gotta get me a jawa once I have this.

  103. Stormtrooper Luke!

  104. Snaggletooth

  105. 4-Lom

  106. This is a great give away. Godd luck to all!

  107. I won? Thanks GG ;-))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  108. has to be Amanaman

  109. Rocket firing Fett please :)

  110. BOSSK, no doubt! :D

  111. Ackbar

  112. Bossk

  113. Zuckuss – please

  114. Gonk !! – Power Droid

  115. Rocket Firing Boba Fett – Painted / Unpainted Knee Variations !!

  116. IG-88

  117. AT-AT Commander/ General Veers

  118. Cloud Car Pilot / (Twin Pod) Cloud Car Pilot

  119. Lando Calrissian (Skiff Guard Disguise)

  120. Emperor’s Royal Guard would be amazing !

  121. Han Solo (In Carbonite Chamber)

  122. Imperial Gunner

  123. Luke Skywalker (In Imperial Stormtrooper Outfit)

  124. bespin luke

  125. Amanaman !!

  126. Barada

  127. EV-9D9 please !

  128. Lando Calrissian (General Pilot)

  129. Luke Skywalker (In Battle Poncho)

  130. Yak Face

  131. Nikto

  132. A-Wing Pilot

  133. Jumbo Early Bird Pack !

  134. Jumbo Villain Pack

  135. Jumbo Hero Pack

  136. Jumbo Droid Pack

  137. FX-7 (Medical Droid)

  138. Imperial Stormtrooper (Hoth Battle Gear)

  139. Princess Leia Organa (Bespin Gown)

  140. Rebel Soldier (Hoth Battle Gear)

  141. Ugnaught

  142. Figrin D’an and the Modal Nodes (Cantina Band)

  143. Ponda Baba

  144. Kal’Falnl C’ndros

  145. Tonnika Sisters

  146. Baniss Keeg

  147. Bom Vimdin

  148. Dannik Jerriko (the Smoker)

  149. Ellors Madak

  150. Dr. Evazan

  151. Feltipern Trevagg

  152. Hem Dazon

  153. Lak Sivrak

  154. M’iiyoom Onith

  155. Myo !!

  156. Sai’torr Kal Fas

  157. Trinto Duaba

  158. Wuher (Bartender)

  159. Nabrun Leids

  160. Bespin Security Guard

  161. Chief Chirpa

  162. General Madine

  163. Luke Jedi Knight Outfit

  164. Han Solo (In Trench Coat)

  165. rancor keeper

  166. Wicket W. Warrick

  167. Artoo-Detoo (R2-D2) Pop Up Lightsaber

  168. Anakin Skywalker

  169. Lando Calrissian (Pilot General Oufit)

  170. Han Solo Carbonite Chamber

  171. Biker Scout

  172. 4-LOM

  173. See-Threepio (C-3PO) With Removable limbs

  174. Hoth Rebel Soldier

  175. Nien Nunb

  176. dt vader

  177. dt luke

  178. dt ben

  179. Max Rebo Band on cards like the Blue Snag !

  180. Royal Guard. How beautiful it would look in 12″

  181. Awesome!

  182. A Max Rebo band set in this size would be awesome!!

  183. Snowtrooper and AT-AT Driver

  184. FX-7
    Leia Organa (Bespin Gown)

  185. Yoda!

  186. Leia Bespin!

  187. I would love to see the Imperial Dignitary!

  188. Old school Emperor!!!

  189. This is really sweet!! :D

  190. Bossk or Pilot Luke would be cool as the next figure.

  191. Tie-Fighter Pilot!

  192. I would like to see 2-1B.

  193. Bossk!

  194. Han Solo in Bespin gear and Bespin Luke Skywalker.

  195. Wow….it’s like I’m 7 years old all over again.

  196. Any figure would be awesome!

  197. Slave Leia

  198. AWESOME FIGZ!!!!

  199. Sweet!!!

  200. Excellent idea to giveaway this set, I want it!

  201. Vinyl and cloth caped Jawas? Red and Blue Snaggletooth? R5-D4? Am I in heaven?

    Anyway, for the next one, I would LOVE to see IG-88.

  202. Snowtrooper!

  203. That is just too cool

  204. I’m looking forward to a Royal Guard!

  205. This is awesome!!! I had the original as a kid but someone threw it out..AHHHH I need this!!!

  206. Cantina Band members!

  207. This would be cool to win…wish me luch

  208. POTF with coins! YakFace!

  209. Akbar

  210. Yak Face is the one I am hoping to see soon.

  211. I still want a Jumbo Boba Fett!

  212. Luke Jedi w/ blue and green lightsabers!

  213. Leia Organa (Bespin Gown)

  214. Looks so cool!

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  216. Dianoga from the Death Star

  217. Darth Vader

  218. Saw the dispaly at SDCC. Looks AMAZING!

  219. Royal Guard

  220. Vlix is awesome!!!!

  221. Snaggletooth!!!!!

  222. Bossk…love them bounty hunters!

  223. Snowtrooper

  224. Bossk.

  225. Perfect for my collection! Good luck everyone!

  226. Luke stormtrooper

  227. storm troppers

  228. Biker Scout

  229. 4-LOM or Zuckuss

  230. Brings back memories… sweet memories!

  231. Akbar!!!!!

  232. Akbar!

  233. I can’t believe no one has suggested Amanaman, that would be the best.

  234. Tie Fighter Pilot!

  235. how about a hammerhead

  236. Out of this world!

  237. The Weequay from the original Vintage line.

  238. All 92…with POTF coins

  239. Awesome! I want one!

  240. Snowtrooper would be awesome!

  241. Power Droid

  242. Weequay would be cool, the play set looks amazing.

  243. Star Wars Leia (like the original figure)

  244. Definitely Boba Fett

  245. Akbar

  246. Another vote for Leia (Bespin Gown)!

  247. Hoth Luke Skywalker – had the small one as a kid

  248. it is awesome!!

  249. Emperor’s Royal Guard Emperor’s Royal Guard Emperor’s Royal Guard

    Please please why do we not already have it


  250. I’d like to see Bossk

  251. Biker Scout

  252. I want this!

  253. Wow, this really takes me back! (to the late 70′s)

  254. Yak face, amanaman, ephant mon and ric ole

  255. Also massive rancor!!!!!!

  256. Han Solo in Carbonite Vintage!!!

  257. I’d like to see the Death Star Droid!

  258. Although not cost effective, what about any of the smaller vehicles?

  259. Biggs Darklighter “Deleted Scene Outfit”!!!

  260. Bespin Solo

  261. FX-7 would be awesome!. Think about all those arms and the adjustable head!!

  262. Death Star Trash Compactor Monster

  263. IG-88

  264. WOW now THAT’S a way to display the figures!! :D

  265. IG-88!

  266. Kit-Bashed Rocket Fett, as depicted on the 20-back action figure card.

  267. This is a awesome collection

  268. IG-88!

  269. Last 17 with coins!?!?!?

  270. This is pretty sweet and would be a nice collectors item. As for the question of which figure to make I would say the gamorrean guard simple for nostalgia because it was my first vintage figure I ever owned.

  271. I would love to see a wicket w warrick

  272. I want to see some McQuarrie Figures.

  273. Power Droid is the next one I’m craving. It would be awesome if PGM’s could buy a set of three double telescoping sabers to display with the Vader, Ben and Luke.

  274. Great item and if it happens to come here, I know both my son and I will love it…wife and daughters may not…but hey, “it’s a Kenner.”

  275. Freaking Sweet!

  276. My son would love and adore this – he would be incredibly happy if I won

  277. This is awesome :)

  278. I want to see Princess Leia! You can never have enough kick ass princess!

  279. 2-1B

  280. Han in Carbonite or YakFace.

    “Droids” carded Boba Fett

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  282. Imperial Gunner

  283. Bossk.

  284. Bespin Luke

  285. Used to have the original as a kid

  286. i would like to see Stormtrooper!! :D

  287. Gimme!

  288. Imperial dignatary!

  289. Biker Scout

  290. Can I get a Porkins life size statue?

  291. Yoda

  292. Yes plz.

  293. IG-88

  294. Gonk Droid

  295. Thats amazing I want them !!!

  296. Han Solo Carbonite

  297. 1st choice: Bossk

  298. 2nd choice: Yakface

  299. As a Rebel Legion member with an x-wing outfit, I’d love the Luke Skywalker X-Wing Pilot vintage figure


  301. I’d like to see a Scout Trooper!

  302. Yes, please!!!

  303. Would love to add this to my collection.

  304. Aunt Beru

  305. Jedi Luke

  306. I think I have just enough room left in my apartment for it if I get ride of my couch! I could do that.

  307. IG-88!!!!!!!!!!

  308. Hoth Luke or Han

  309. I would absolutely love the playset for my Star wars collection

  310. WOW!!!!

  311. I’d to see Amanamanaman!!!

  312. Snow Trooper

  313. Jedi Knight Luke =D

  314. Han in Carbonite actually would be really awesome! I guess I kind of stole Johns answer but it would be really sweet!

  315. darth vader or lluke skywalker. they were my first characters!

  316. wow factor, would love this set in my collection

  317. crazy huge. just crazy

  318. BIKERSCOUT!!!!

  319. I’d LLLOOOVVVEEE to win this set!! it would be a dream come true!!!!

  320. ig-88

  321. bikerscout

  322. I’d love a 12″ Admiral Akbar!

  323. Bossk

  324. C-3PO is the one i want to see

  325. bossk!

  326. Telescoping Luke and Early Bird!

  327. Biker Scout please

  328. Tusken Raider!

  329. Amanaman or Ackbar!

  330. Bossk would be great!!

  331. got my fingers crossed!!

  332. Taun taun!

  333. [...] [...]

  334. That robot with the needles that is used on Leia

  335. Wow ! what a giveaway.

  336. FX-7

  337. Jedi Luke!! One of my SW Kenner favorites when I was a kid!

  338. Awesome! I have every figure. I need this!

  339. IG-88

  340. Must have Power Droid. Bib Fortuna is also classic. Ackbar would be sweet.

  341. 3rd Choice: Bespin Leia

  342. like the two snaggletooths :)

  343. I think the bounty hunters should be next, so my request would be Bossk!

  344. Logray!

  345. Walking R2-D2 on card.

  346. Gonk! Please please please make Gonk…

  347. Biker Scout. Thanks for putting up the competition, but isn’t it a little unfair to have 25 entries only available to people who buy something?

  348. Bring on the super sized Yak Face or Anakin!!

  349. Boba Fett!

  350. Nice…would love Yakface or Amanaman

  351. Wedge!

  352. Awesome!

  353. Nien Nunb

  354. WANT!

  355. Slave Leia

  356. This would be so awesome to add to my collection

  357. My kids would LOVE to play with these action figures!

  358. Thanks for the opportunity to win it from a galaxy far far away to me in a country far far away from USA, why not a Jabba’s playset?

  359. Bossk.

  360. IG-88 would be great !
    Slave Leia would be awesome !


  362. I would like to see a 12 inch Lucas in Stormtrooper outfit figure.

  363. star wars 3 pack with special offer diorama.

  364. yes PLEASE!

  365. IG-88, as long as you guys fix your scale issues and make him the right height.

  366. Darth Revan! or a beautiful Bastila Shan! Best EU Characters Ever!

  367. Biker Scout

  368. Yes please!

  369. Yak Face on a POTF blister with large coin.

  370. Snowtrooper

  371. sweet set

  372. R2′s clicking dome, C-3PO’s stiff arms, Hammerhead, and the cardboard background; this set is pure nostalgia. Today’s figures may more accurate, articulated and available – but they can’t compete with the grand memories these figures created. Thank you for keeping the past alive. As they said in the commercial, “Nagamaroo!”

  373. Tonnika Sisters

  374. Jango Fett

  375. Will look very nice to my original.

  376. Let’s get this cantina party started!!! Great give away guys.

  377. Bossk!!!!!

  378. Very awesome

  379. Tie Fighter Pilot

  380. Jumboe Death Star Playset

  381. Jumbo Probot

  382. This would be awesome! Would love to see Bespin Leia in 12″ form.

  383. Imperial Gunner

  384. Jumbo A wing fighter

  385. Han in Carbonite or Yakface

  386. Yak face

  387. IG-88

  388. IG-88

  389. Way to go gentle giant!

  390. Diorama, Dianoga. Diorama, Dianoga. Diorama, Dianoga.

  391. This set looks awesome. It might inspire me to buy the figures to fill it

  392. Slave Leia

  393. Han in Carbonite!

  394. Power Droid

  395. IG-88

  396. looks like fun.

  397. This is pretty amazing!!!

  398. IG-88

  399. Its got to be a biker scout !

  400. SWEET Giveaway!

  401. very cool!!!!!!

  402. very cool!!!!!!!!!!!!

  403. Bossk, for my daughter who LOVES Bossk, not sure why???

  404. TIE Fighter pilot

  405. Would really like to see Luke Skywalker Bespin Fatigues. Loved that figure as a kid because it was the first figure to ditch the lame lightsaber in the arm feature.

  406. I hope to win this for my hubby, he would love it!

  407. Me Wantee! :)

  408. Any of the ‘biggies’. Love this stuff!

  409. Mine! Mine! Mine! its all Mine! :)

  410. got the figures, just need the playset

  411. Weequay!

  412. IG 88

  413. IG-88

  414. Han in carbonite!!

  415. Absolutely incredible! This is a dream set!

  416. I would LOVE to see ‘Amanaman’ as a 12″ figure! haha

  417. I was wondering how to acquire that awesome display as I was starring at it at the con for awhile until my woman nudged me to ‘move along’. Then I came back and stared some more when I was by myself, hahaha

  418. Major Bren Derlin!!!!!!!

  419. OMG want!!!!

  420. Biker Scout, Snow Trooper or TIE Fighter Pilot!

  421. Rocket Firing Boba.

  422. do the pilot luke !and the snow troopers

  423. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.

  424. I would like to see a 12″ Biker Scout

  425. Need to win

  426. Han Hoth!

  427. Looks great hope I win

  428. Snowtrooper

  429. Biker Scout also!

  430. I want them all!!!
    All vintage figures with major variants.

  431. R2D2 w/ Pop Up Lightsaber

  432. Love the mini busts and 12 inch jumbo. How about a Han Solo in trench coat from Jedi?

  433. Han Solo in Hoth Outfit for next 12 inch jumbo.

  434. Nice

  435. I’d like to see Yak Face

  436. Logray

  437. Bossk!

  438. Maybe this playset will help me find out who REALLY fired first!

  439. Loved to see Bossk.

  440. Anakin – old school!

  441. bikerscout

  442. Would love to see Prune Face!!

  443. I would love to see them do a 12″ Yak Face

  444. Where are the large Sand people

  445. I love the idea of packing them with POTF coins, that would be brilliant. I still think a 3-pack of double telescoping sabers would sell very well as a Member exclusive.

  446. It is great!!

  447. Bom Vimdin

  448. boba fett!

  449. I would like to see Oola the dancing girl.
    s that wrong?

  450. Would LOVE to see Sy Snootles & Max Rebo Band.

  451. What .. Figures Not Included …. D’oh!

  452. Emperor Palpatine

  453. Ewoks (though Logray and Chirpa would be my first choices).

  454. To my I like to Gamorran guard, but always R2-D2.

  455. UNCLE OWEN!

  456. I would like to see Han Solo.

  457. Awesome Giveaway

  458. This is a cool giveaway, I’m crossing my fingers.

  459. Would love the Imperial Guard!

  460. IG-88, or any bounty hunter in general, gotta love them all.

  461. Wow— This is Incredible— What fan would NOT want one of these

  462. Sweet, Boosk all the way :)

  463. WOW…I was 7 when Star Wars came out and then the toys appeared soon after, & I recall there being a few cardboard game play sets, with the Kenner Cantina Playset being one of the earliest, and everyone wanted to play at the spaceport!

  464. I remember having one as a child and the dog eating the cardboard set.

  465. Bossk would be pretty cool.

  466. nice one, hope to win this!

  467. Bossk

  468. Weequay, reminds me of my grandad!

  469. This is a great giveaway and would a very nice addition to my collection.

  470. Royal Guard

  471. Either Han in carbonite or Jedi Luke from ROTJ

  472. This is great. I remember writing to GG a long while ago as they were starting the Jumbo Kenner figures and encouraged them to make the Blue Snaggletooth eventually, and suggested this very 1/6 scale section of the Sears Cantina Playset also. Glad to see they had they were thinking the same thing!!!!

  473. Princess Leia (Bespin Gown)

  474. Paploo!

  475. Wow! That thing is huge!

  476. Give us Amanaman!

  477. Pick me pick me pick me please pick me pick me

  478. IG-88 would be great!

  479. salacious crumb

  480. 2-1B

  481. Sandtrooper

  482. Yak Face or Wampa would be cool.

  483. Bossk

  484. R2D2 that shoots out a light saber.

  485. That is one truly amazing playset!!! Would surely love to see this produced beyond one. “HAN SOLO IN CARBONITE”!

  486. POTF Spirit Anakin

  487. like to see a Gentle Giant Sandcrawler :) yeah, it will be huge and expensive. a least a GG Sandcrawler would be scaled correctly with vintage Jawas,

  488. TIE Pilot!

  489. General Lando

  490. Jabba the Hutt with throne and salacious crumb

  491. Agree with the biker scout

  492. X-wing Pilot Luke! Of course then we’ll need his X-Wing.

  493. R2-D2

  494. I too would like to see a Jumbo Vintage Yak Face!

  495. Wow this woul be amazing, ive never won anything and im obsessed with Star Wars!

  496. This is a SWEET piece!!!

  497. This would make my Game workshop complete.

  498. Yoda!

  499. So totally cool! Thank you!!

  500. Awesome giveaway. Amanaman would be a perfect addition. :)

  501. Bespin Han

  502. cantina band

  503. Darth Sidious

  504. Biker Scout

  505. Great job on recreating the Kenner playset, how about making the full set of bounty hunters?

  506. tig fromm

  507. Awesome contest!! 12″ Bossk would be super cool……
    Size does matter!! (lol)

  508. Growing up two of my friends (Star Wars fans) always had a lot more figures than me. So I would love this! I would like to see AK-Buz Weequay.

  509. ev9d9

  510. ADMIRAL ACKBAR w/ BRAND-NEW Voice Chip Feature
    “It’s a Trap!!” plus other classic lines…
    “Our wallets can’t repel toys of that magnitude!”

  511. Luke Skywalker (Jedi Knight Outfit), for the 30Th anniversary of Return Of The Jedi. one variant will have a regular green lightsaber, but a chase variant will have a blue lightsaber as seen in the “Revenge Of The Jedi” Teaser Trailers, much like the snake variant Yoda, and the head sculpt variant on the Star Wars Han Solo, and as an exclusive for SDCC 2013, a variant with the snap Jedi cloak, much like the vinyl cape Jawa.

  512. That looks absolutely incredible.

  513. I would love to see a Jabba done!

  514. Awesome set — I think I’d want to have a Bossk figure for it — as a kid I always used him on the original Kenner version I had.

  515. I’m buying the exact same figures for 30 years !?.. what’s wrong with me ?
    I need a dewback, a taun taun and a Hoth Wampa,…. please.

  516. 12″ Bespin Luke or Biker Scout!

  517. TIE Pilot.

  518. Awesome set- you should make a vintage 12″ Yak Face figure next!

  519. I would like to see a action figure prototype giveaway, like rocket firing Boba Fett or Bikini Slave Leia.

  520. Gonk Droid

  521. bib fortuna

  522. Boshek

  523. r5d4 4 sure

  524. You must make Bespin Luke!

  525. Would love to see a Biker Scout

  526. I love the big ol’ GG figures.

  527. This is an awesome playset if only the wise Yoda would grant me one!

  528. Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker, blue saber variant.

  529. Cool Playset. I would love to see you do the Biker Scout next. Runner up choice is a Snowtrooper!

  530. Snowtrooper

  531. Vader!

  532. I think IG-88 or Bossk would be cool. Really all of the bounty hunter line would be awesome!

  533. If only I could find a giant Sears to go buy one.

  534. Thanks

  535. 4-LOM “Zuckuss” with a faux leather cape!!!

  536. 2-1B needs the 12″ treatment. The coolest ESB figure.

  537. please! i would own this item !
    this is better then frank oz and R.M.Q mixed togerther !!

  538. i would own this item !!
    this is some R.M.Q stuff right here!!

  539. biker scout

  540. Tonnika Twins!

  541. I would love to see Amanaman!

  542. Very cool give away.

  543. Luke (and Han) in stormtrooper armor. I know they never made a Han in stormtrooper armor, but I have seen many customs. How cool would that be?

  544. Princess Leia

  545. I want to see Ree Yees in the vintage 12″ line next.

  546. I’ve had a cantina diorama on top of my fridge and this would make a great addition

  547. Yakface or Scout Trooper

  548. Admiral Ackbar or IG-88

  549. I’d love to see a Luke Return of the Jedi figure!

  550. Would love to see a SnowTroooper

  551. This is so spectacularly awesome!

  552. This is such an awesome set!!!

  553. Id like to see Wicket and a Rocket Fett.

  554. Ackbar has to be next!!!

  555. Sick! Would be a great addition!

  556. IG-88!!!

  557. bossk and the other bounty hunters

  558. I’d like to see a Death Star Droid.

  559. Snowtrooper

  560. Would love to see a Luke Jedi


  562. PGM is a rip off. You pay to get the right to buy !?!!??!!
    I say: Gamorean Guard and Lando for the masses!

  563. Love the cantina set

  564. Snowtrooper

  565. Power Droid!

  566. Why not Vlix? That would be a legend. Plus you could also do R2 and C3PO with no big extra costs for Droids …

  567. I really like these pieces, but I just wish they were a bit more affordable. I’m hoping to see the entire vintage line of 96 figures done!

  568. Make the Rancor Keeper next!

  569. Great set. Would love to have it.

  570. Bossk would be great

  571. Snowtrooper

  572. I am beyond in love. Hoping for a Lando soon!

  573. Jabba the Hutt

  574. Would love to see original “big head” Han Solo or Chewy.

  575. I would like to see Jedi Luke Skywalker made for the 30th anniversary of Return of the Jedi

  576. IG-88

  577. Death Star Droid!

  578. Is the sears Price tag still on it? :)

  579. Snow Trooper

  580. I’m happy with the steady release of ALL FIGURES just as they were originally. My collection has only just begun but does include the small headed Han Solo variant. It’d be neat to have the jumbo vintage Cantina Adventure for sure, but nothing will top having it as a child. Four figures at once? Unheard of!

  581. This would be perfect to make my 3 3/4 inch cantina figures look like they’re shrinking!

  582. Emperor and Emperor’s Royal Guard – please

  583. 4-LOM!

  584. IG-88 gets my vote

  585. The Emporer

  586. Momaw Nadon is the man. Ithorian, anyway.

  587. For me it would be the Han Solo Bespin figure, my fave as a kid OR the AT-AT Driver OR the TIE Fighter Pilot on ESB card OR the Luke Skywalker Hoth outfit…OR all of them!

  588. EV-9D9, with opening mouth

  589. Since we have all of the figures to date and we have a museum with a huge Star Wars section, this would be perfect for us to win and really display the Gentle Giant collection!

  590. Imperial snowtrooper!

  591. This is amazing! Thanks for giving one away

  592. Rebel Commando!

  593. Exclusive “rocket firing” Boba Fett. Yea Baby!

  594. The Imperial Snowtrooper in Hoth Gear rocks and would be awesome!!!!

  595. Really cool. Always love the Ithorian.

  596. Princess Leia!

  597. I neglected to mention that my little brother buried all his original Star Wars action figures in our backyard pea gravel. He’s still trying to find the rest. I wish I would have had my own SW toys as a kid because now I have a 5yr old boy and he is obsessed with all things SW. Thankfully he’s finally outgrown that annoying Thomas the Train!!

  598. IG-88

  599. Biker Scout!

  600. Luke Stormtrooper – removable helmets are always cool!

  601. Han in Carbonite!

  602. Jabba the Hut

  603. G.G….. where do you get all those wonderful toys!?!?!

  604. [...] Gentle Giant is currently giving you the chance to win this awesome vintage Star Wars Jumbo Playset. All you have to do is go on Gentle Giant’s website & enter there. You have to hurry – the contest closes in a few hours! Get to it & good luck!  [...]

  605. Hell yeah!!

  606. [...] Gentle Giant is currently giving you the chance to win this awesome vintage Star Wars Jumbo Playset. All you have to do is go on Gentle Giant’s website & enter there. You have to hurry – the contest closes in a few hours! Get to it & good luck!  [...]

  607. Salacious B. Crumb

  608. I’d really like to see the Deathstar Gunner.

  609. or the Imperial Dignitary.

  610. Snowtrooper

  611. Jumbo Max Rebo and Imperial Dignitary

  612. Biker Scoutttttttttttttt

  613. Bossk

  614. Cool set

  615. Great item!!

  616. Snowtrooper

  617. Jumbo fx-7

  618. Yeah, Snowtrooper.

  619. Definitely Bib Fortuna!

  620. Admiral Ackbar – one of my all-time favorites! 4-LOM (later correctly known to be Zuckuss) would also be great!

  621. Death Star Droid

  622. Rocket firing Boba Fett

  623. Took a pic of it at SDCC. Very cool.

  624. Why, yes, I would like that set. :D

  625. Missed the question, my answer to the prompt would be a Biker Scout!

  626. How comes nobody’s asking for Lobot or General Madine ???!!

  627. Please re-issue Boba Fett!

  628. I commented before seeing you asked a question :)
    I’d love to see a 12″ IG-88

  629. I want all bounty hunters and a backdrop so i can recreate the scene on ESB aboard vader’s executor. Give me Dengar, IG-88, another Fett (since i missed him), Bossk, 4 lom, and Zuckass.

  630. Obi-Wan

  631. Sy Snootles and Max Rebo Band

  632. SNAGGLETOOTH Rules!!!

  633. Royal Guard and/or IG-88 :)

  634. I think they need to make a 12″ ElvisTrooper.

  635. Obi-Wan Kenobi

  636. Even the Ewoks would look cool if given the jumbo treatment…. yes, even the Ewoks.

  637. Dewback, Taun Taun , Hoth Wampas, Jabba, Rancor and a Death star playset so I can live inside.

  638. Cool, Really Cool

  639. Bossk!

  640. OMG!!! I love the Cantina scene, so I’d love to own this playset… OMG!!!!! :3

  641. Ree-Yees, that one.

  642. jumbo cloud city playset.. of course the bounty hunters, rocket fett would be cool, royal guard, biker scout, snowtrooper, imperial tie pilot and gunner. cantina band, sandtrooper

  643. I’d like to see The Emperor as a 12″ Jumbo figure!

  644. I would love to see another jumbo Boba Fett that’s not exclusive, Luke Jedi Knight, Wicket, Emperor’s Royal Guard, Admiral Ackbar!

  645. it would great with my Blue Snag from Comic Con, I gotta get one!!!

  646. Wow, that’s a BIG playset! TOTALLY AWESOME!

  647. BIG WICKETT would be COOL!

  648. Id like to see a royal guard

  649. I would like to see a Jedi Luke

  650. I want a potf han w carbonite just like the vitage one with a big ol coin!!!

  651. Yep, a Dewback would be cool, as well as a speeder bike w/ scout trooper.

  652. Bring back the Jumbo Fett

  653. Very cool Vintage Cantina Playset, puts a Big smile on my face :D Nice pic Gentle Giant.

  654. Id like to see an ewok

  655. Cool idea! Thanks for the chance to win one.

  656. Yoda

  657. Jumbo Rancor should be nice…

  658. Cool!

  659. Party it up at the at the Cantons!


  661. Wow! Great product to bring back fond memories of the first release.

  662. Yak Face, Luke Stormtrooper or Han Solo in Carbonite

  663. Would love a jumbo leia Hoth figure please!!

  664. Jabba

  665. I would love a carbonite han solo!

  666. OMG! This is RIDICULOUS! I’d love to get this thing!

  667. Definitely a Biker Scout

  668. IG-88

  669. Love the Cantina Play set . Reminds me of when I was kid and bought it from sears.

  670. must must have for all my sw figs OH!!!

  671. Amanaman FTW!

  672. IG-88, Biker Scout, Bossk

  673. I’d love to see Slave Leia!

  674. I can’t remember his name, he was the hammerhead looking guy in the Cantina whose race made appearances in the animated series as jedi. They produce a sonic wave that destroys things in their path, hence the long necks.

  675. My Obi-Wan belongs here, keeping the peace.

  676. Princess Leia in slave outfit!!!!

  677. I want to see Hoth Snowtrooper!

  678. I CAN win the Cantina. I can I can I can.

  679. I want ESB Boxed boba !!!

  680. Cats , all cats

  681. I want a giant jawa!!!

  682. I’d love to see another edition of Boba Fett.

    Bossk, IG-88, Biker Scout, Yak Face, Boba Fett, Boba Fett, 4-Lom, any bounty hunter

  683. i want to see a 12 ” VLIX from the droids cartoon series

    defenatelly my character !!!

  684. Wow very cool,

  685. Snow trooper

  686. Great Stuff!

  687. Please let the force Jumbo size me

  688. The original Jabba the Hutt before the CGI worm.

  689. Emperor Palpentine mail away would be Awesome!

  690. Rancor and keeper

  691. Jabba’s Palace Jedi Luke… my favorite figure when I was a kid!

  692. Unproduced Kenner figure would be fun; like that Jabba’s dancer with six breasts. That would be one of the weirdest toy produced, ever.

  693. YakFace!

  694. Would love me some Bossk!

  695. Snowtrooper, Boussh OR the Trash Compactor Monster from the old Death Star Playset.

  696. Bespin Leia

  697. 2-1B!

  698. Bossk jumbo, for sure. Can’t wait for Hammerhead myself… Though the idea of a Wampa is pretty enticing.

  699. I need this !
    Cantina !!!!!

  700. Biker Scout

  701. Needed to List These Too:
    1. POTF Anakin Spirit w/coin – Regular
    2. POTF Anakin Spirit w/coin – Clear Variant
    3. POTF Amanaman w/coin
    4. Snowtrooper a/k/a Imperial Stormtrooper (Hoth Battle Gear)

  702. I would love to see IG-88 or Bossk.

  703. Another great giveaway

  704. Way Cool, must win it!

  705. WOW, this is excellent. Thank you guys for even coming up with this. GREAT JOB!

  706. How about the ROTJ Anakin Skywalker (mail away) figure. You could put it in a giant white mailing box!

  707. 4-LOM (the original named one, not the robot)

  708. The bounty hunters seem to be popular… how about a 12″ IG-88?

  709. Snow trooper!!!!!!

  710. Yoda! Love the “Kenner” brand name!

  711. Definitely the SnowTrooper

  712. Yak Face Please

  713. I would love to see a Snowtrooper, or TIE Fighter Pilot

  714. Nitko

  715. ORDER 66 Team from star wars book by karen traviss

  716. Slave Leia would be awesome!

  717. Cool

  718. IG-88! That rifle would be huge!

  719. This is COOL!!!!

    IG-88 next please!

  720. R5-D4! Would love to win this!

  721. I’m looking forward to get one to complete the set for display

  722. Lobot!

  723. gotta be biker scout

  724. Biker Scout

  725. IG-88!

  726. Amanaman

  727. Snowtrooper

  728. fx7

  729. would love to win this. The figures would be nice too :D

  730. double telescoping Luke

  731. double telescoping ben

  732. double telescoping darth

  733. Boba Fett unpainted knee

  734. C3PO (with cargo net)

  735. Bikerscout

  736. Han Solo Stormtrooper

  737. McQuarrie concept Darth

  738. want to see the luke xwing pilot next guys

  739. Luke Hoth

  740. Xwing Pilot Luke

  741. Hoth Wampa

  742. Dewback

  743. Sandtrooper w / paultron

  744. Bail Antilles

  745. Biggs Darklighter

  746. Jango Fett

  747. General Grievous

  748. I don’t actually know which one i’d really like over others but a tie fighter or possibly a snow trooper one of the other ewoks even

  749. K-3PO

  750. Cliegg Lars

  751. Max Rebo

  752. Garris Shrike

  753. Joh Yowza

  754. TC-14

  755. Zev Senesca

  756. General Carlist Rieekan

  757. max rebo band

  758. Awesome!!!

  759. Oh my, what a wondelful give away!

  760. I’d like to see you do a Biker Scout.

  761. So awesome need it bad.

  762. I want to see more original figures!

    Han shot FIRST!

  763. Oh yeah x wing pilot Luke would be awesome too.

  764. Definitively a perfect gift.
    1 I Want!


  765. My precious!

  766. Something on a Power of the Force card with the coin.

  767. My canteen guys are waiting for this. They are mighty thirsty.

  768. VADER!

  769. Yakface

  770. Would like to see the Death Star Gunner done.

  771. I want one soooooooo bad

  772. SUPER !!!

  773. Definitely one of my favorite SW playsets as a kid (even though the swinging cantina doors never worked right).

  774. Mine All mine!!

  775. When I win this cantina scene, I’m going to put it in my cantina!

  776. I would walk from the Dune Sea to Mos Eisley to get this thing!

  777. I’ve had a bad day. Winning this would make it better.

  778. Love love the Playset.

  779. I’d like to see a Bossk

  780. Tusken holow check with cap brown ( no default greenn…)

  781. Would be a Blessed Miracle to win!!!!

  782. Hoth Han and Luke

  783. Bespin Han Solo . . . please!!!

  784. The GENTLE GIANT of Cool Displays and Star Wars Figures!!

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