First and foremost, we’ll be at Star Wars Celebration VI in Orlando, FL from August 22-26. Come by Booth 521 and say hi!

Second (and more importantly), here’s what’s arriving in the next 90 days!

Item License Edition Size
Female Stormtrooper Statue Star Wars 650
Female Stormtrooper Statue PGM Star Wars 140
R2-D2 Maquette Star Wars 1000
Pre Vizsla Maquette Star Wars 700
Pre Vizsla Holographic PGM  Maquette Star Wars 200
Rocket Statue Sucker Punch 1000
Spider-Woman Mini Bust Marvel 450
Watto Mini Bust Star Wars 1200
Greedo Kenner 12″ Figure Star Wars 1400
Captain America Classic Mini Bust Marvel 550
Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Mini Bust Harry Potter 950
Hawkeye Mini Bust Marvel 900
Iron Man Classic Silver Mini Bust Marvel 520
Deadpool Mini Bust Marvel 1700
Nien Nunb Mini Bust Star Wars 900
Sucker Punch WWI German Zombie Statue Sucker Punch 275
R5-D4 Kenner  Figure Star Wars 1000
Imperial Gunner AFX Exclusive Mini Bust Star Wars 1200
Star Wars Dart Board Star Wars 750
Red Hulk Diamond Exclusive Mini Bust Marvel 600
Iron Man Mark II (Gold Armor) Mini Bust Marvel 300

10 Responses to “Arriving in the next 90 Days!”

  1. so i can get the imperial gunner mini-bust?it looks awesome ,i want to get 1,thanks Brian.

  2. Any update on the deadpool vespa? it was supposed to be released in June/July.

  3. Deadpool on Vespa’s already been released. Did you pre-order it with us?

  4. Hi, do you know approximately when pre-orders for the Nien Nunb and Watto Minibusts will be processed ?

  5. So, no minibust exclusive for Celebration VI?

  6. Betrayed! I joined the GG collector’s club to get the jump on awesome busts like the Imperial Gunner and you give the exclusive to another company without offering it to us here on the site? What gives?!?

  7. Any word when Harry Potter will be shipped?

  8. Any updates on Harry?

  9. Any news on when a
    Harry and Voldermort are to be shipped please

  10. Any update on Deadpool Mini-bust ?
    It was supposed to be released in spring 2012, at first… It become very long to wait after it…
    Thanks !

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