Pale Man Statue $225
License: Pan’s Labyrinth
Edition Size: 300 Pieces
Item Number: 11753

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THE PALE MAN; who gorged on excess was banished to a den in the netherworld. Unable to feast on the banquet before him, his body shriveled and his humanity withered away. His only sustenance was the blood of innocents. A meal he relished in hunting himself. He kept a watchful eye over a dagger with a hilt of gold, for he feared it to be the only object that could cause him harm. In truth it’s presence kept him alive. Once the blade was removed, he collapsed unto himself and faded from existence. From acclaimed filmmaker Guillermo Del Toro comes a dark fairy tale about a young girl named Ofelia, who enters a mysterious labyrinth and finds herself at the center of a ferocious battle between good and evil.

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