Take a look at the fully painted mini bust!

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  2. [...] Giant has revealed on their blog, a fully painted version of their upcoming PGM Exclusive Rebel Fleet Trooper Mini Bust. Head on over to check out all the images of this great looking addition to the mini bust line! [...]

  3. great looking bust, but I have no interest in it.

  4. This is a stunning mini-bust. I honestly had no interest in this character as a bust until I saw the painted prototype, and now it’s an absolute must-have. I’m definitely going to pick up the Rebel Fleet Trooper now.

  5. it’s a fantastic mini-bust.
    Very cool…

  6. Looks good, but I agree w/ #2. Won’t be getting this one. Much more looking forward to the Jumbo Guard.

  7. I hope the finished product which goes on sale does not have the seam as per where the arms are, other than this it looks awesome…

  8. Great job A+ hope to see a varient maybe Capt. Antellies!

  9. This is my choice for the PG gift. As commented above I regret the arm seam and hope Gentle Giant rectifies it before it gets to me. I also would have preferred this character in a shooting pose more like what was seen in the film.

    Still, I never think the poor Rebel Fleet Trooper gets enough love so he’ll fit into my collection well.

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