May the 4th is right around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than a(nother) contest! Best caption (as judged by the employees of Gentle Giant) gets a $50 gift card to Winner will be announced at Noon PST on Friday, May the 4th 2012.

What’cha got?

111 Responses to “Caption This! May the 4th Edition”

  1. Ack Ack Vs. Roger Roger: This Sunday night ONLY on Pay Per View!

  2. No We are not the droids your looking for

  3. No wonder Lord Vader wears a helmet, Darth status ruins your complexion.

  4. Alien: Tower, this is Ghost Rider requesting a flyby.
    Battle droid :Negative, Ghost Rider, the pattern is full.

  5. “Umm Mars… that does not compute, um, you’re under arrest!”

  6. Battle Droid: O great, Those jerks from Mars are here.
    Battle droid #2: Crap, there goes the universe !

  7. Hey Roger, go start the crop circle over by that tree and we’ll stand guard while you work your magic!

  8. “Ack, Ack”-”Roger, Roger”

  9. Um they went thata way

  10. “Pizza Delivery for a Rodger – Rodger.” – Mars Alien
    “I’ve got a bad feeling about this.” – Battle Droids

  11. And you thought LUKE’S dad was ugly!

  12. “Can you level that hill over there? Our invasion would be so much easy with it gone!”

  13. Grab his legs?!? Are you sure? Roger, Roger.

  14. Battle Droids under Mars Alien control

  15. “Roger, roger”! Wait…what the X&*@ is that?

  16. Another failed movie script by M. Night Shyamalan.

  17. “Aw, crap…another special edition.”
    “Shoot it before it tries to “Re-imagine” us!”

  18. All your base are belong to us!

  19. Mars Attacks the Clones

  20. Robot (on the right, with his hand sticking up): You shall not pass!

    Robot (on the left): Roger, Roger.

  21. Droid #1: What are you doing here, Tori Spelling?
    Droid #2: And where is the rest of your body?

  22. “We are not the droidd that you are looking for!!”

  23. So, let me see if I got this. You go left past the two droids. Make a right at the barn. Go three blocks and you can’t miss it. Thanks.

  24. Even the battle droids were frustrated with the blu ray version…

  25. …and over there is where they filmed Little House on the Prair…..WHAT THE……

  26. Battle Droid #2 – “Yeah, right over there. Perfect spot for our picnic.”

    Battle Droid #1 – “But what about those rain clouds?”

    Battle Droid #2 – “Roger, Roger.”

  27. the humans went that-a-way

  28. You’re right! This IS just like Duck Hunt!

  29. Droid on left: “stop waving your hand like you are some bomb-bad Jedi, saucer head there is going blast us!!!”

  30. Droid 1; Is that what the Enterprise looks like ?
    Droid 2; No, he’s that guy from Futurama.

  31. Earth? No this is Naboo. Your gonna wanna get on I-80 and follow that for about 3.6 Megaparsecs till you see a mostly blue planet surrounded by a bunch of metal junk.

  32. “Look sir, Brain!”

  33. I don’t like General Grievous’ new look.

  34. I ASSURE YOU WE’RE not the droids you’re looking for!

  35. Battledroid Commander: Schootem! Battledroid: Roger Roger!

  36. Martian: “ack ackk!!”
    Right Droid: “go stand there and distract the ship”
    Left Droid: “roger roger…wait whaaa”

  37. Micheal Bay and George Lucas make a special edition Star Wars Ninja Turtles movie. Here we see Krang recruiting some battle droids to join his Dimension X Army.

  38. “Lower your weapon. Allow me to introduce General Greivous’ half-brother, Tony.” “Roger, Roger.”

  39. Answer #21 is the best! I’m not even gonna try now.

  40. Martian: “Take me to your leader!”
    Left Droid: “Roger Roger”
    Right Droid: ” no Roger Roger.”

  41. I told you that oil didn’t taste right!

  42. Droids – “Lucass’ house is down the road about a half mile. If your quick you can get him before he does another special edition.”

  43. “what is that … thing?”
    “i can’t tell … use your macrobinoculars.”
    “we’re droids, idiot. we don’t need macro … oh. that’s right. we do. i guess The Maker was too busy daydreaming about oil baths to give us built-in zoom …”

  44. droid on right:” halt, wormy-butt-head, have you seen any Hobbits, yay high, my precious – roger, roger?!”

  45. What beautiful trees

  46. If only George could’ve squeezed the career out of Harrison the way Tim does Johnny Depp. Look at him, he really brings that huge brain to life. Can’t wait for that Scissorhands reboot.

  47. Film: Lord of the Droids: Mars Attacks! – Scene 1

    Droid 1: “Sir, a martian above Hobbiton”
    Martian: “Surrender, droids, missa have more brains”
    Droid 2: “It’s a trap!”

  48. Droid on right “Wow, he just made the international sign of the doughnut.”
    Droid on left “Maybe we should release a dove or something?”

  49. AWKWARD….That moment when you’re strolling through the fields with your new best friend, Roger, and your old best friend, Roger, flies up and wants to know what the Ack, Ack is going on!!!

  50. “Is that Wat Tambor?”
    “What happened to the rest of him?”

  51. “what is that … thing?”
    “i don’t know. use your macrobinoculars.”
    “we’re droids, idiot. we don’t need macro … oh wait. we do. i guess The Maker was too busy daydreaming about oil baths to give us built-in zoom.”

  52. STOP!
    He who would cross the field of Death Must answer me
    These questions three
    Ere the other side he see
    Ack Ack

  53. Battle Droid #1- “Sir, what is that?”
    ” “#2- “Don’t know..permission to shoot.”
    ” “#1- “Roger, roger”
    “Blows Up”
    Battle Droids laugh

  54. Droid mind tricks don’t work on martians.

  55. We are headed that way to see the wizard. You are welcome to join us, obviously you aren’t asking for a brain.

  56. Droid #1: So what you’re saying is, Johnny Depp ISN’T here?

    Martian: ACK ACK

    Droid #2: not’re under arrest!

  57. PULL!!

  58. Sideshow has clearly gone too far with its Exclusive Premium Format ‘Dooku Head’ Accessory…Roger Roger!

  59. “Um…. that does not compute…. Wait…. You’re under arrest !”

  60. Suddenly, with a single laser blast, the Mars invaders won over millions of Original Trilogy fans.

  61. Red Droid: One day son, all this will be yours….
    Droid: What Father the Martian ?
    Red Droid: No Son, Not the bloody Martians.

  62. …No one would have believed that in the last years of the clone wars that droid affairs where being watched from the timeless worlds of space..few men even considered the possibility of life on other planets yet across the void of space, minds that looked a lot like cauliflowers in fishtanks were watching Naboo with envious eyes, and slowly and surely they drew their plans against us……

  63. Where can I find the flight-in counter for tasty Ewok-burgers?

  64. Go 200 light years, turn left at the Milky-way Galaxy. It’s the third planet from the sun.

  65. Yoda’s head got really big…

  66. I think we’re on the wrong set… Roger, Roger! No, not Roger, Roger – Mars Attacks!

  67. Thank the maker we were designed to be probe-proof.

  68. Droid 1:”He really thinks this is Tatooine?”
    Droid 2:”Roger roger… less brain than it looks!”

  69. Martian Martian!

  70. Coming fall 2014 from Gentle Giant Studios: Hillside Farm Diorama/Playset! Pre-order now!(Model shown is Collector Club exclusive version with removable farm house and cardboard sky backdrop. Mars Attacks(TM)ornament and Star Wars(TM) Battle Droids(TM)busts not included… buy those NOW!).

  71. NO, don’t shoot! That’s just Carl from my hated fictional characters support group.

  72. Check out the brain on THAT droid!!!

  73. Battle Droid 1: “Corporal, I dont think we are on Naboo any more”
    Battle Droid 2: “what makes you say that?”
    BD 1: “The big floating head in front of us, Sir”
    BD 1: “And the fact that I just saw a pale fleshy female, a walking pile of grass, a non-robotic pile of scrap, and a talking lion-ish creature, with some small noisy k-9.”
    BD 2: “Roger, Roger.”

  74. Ack… Ack…
    These aren’t the DROIDS I’m looking for..

  75. We are about to get a “Little Head”.

  76. In Song …
    ” The Hills are alive with the sound of BLASTERS”

  77. Look! It’s a bird!… It’s a plane!… Its a… Oh… My… God…

  78. what the??????
    its a moon.
    thats no moon,that’s a battle station.
    thats no battle station, you scruffy looking nerf herder,
    it’s darth brains.
    what’s a brain?
    i don’t know,but our master always says if only we had a brain. is he our father?
    yesssssss,i am your father. search your feelings. noooooo it can’t be true.

  79. Looks, Like Lord Vader is no longer the brain behind this operation. It was about time for a change anyway! Now, let’s get a drink before the shooting starts.

  80. And folks complained when Greedo shot first… coming this fall: Star Wars The Phantom Menace SPECIAL EDITION

  81. “Glitch, please…. he’s as scary as BUCK Rogers!!!!”
    “Roger Roger”

  82. “Whoa! what the heck is that?”
    “Not sure looks like a part of a Jedi I kicked once”

  83. Droid 1 “looks like Lucas has been back in the editting room again”
    Droid 2 Roger Roger.

  84. Droid 1 to Droid 2: wait a second, what kind of probing?!

  85. Halt!
    Roger, Roger… ah, no Martian, Martian!

  86. If this is supposed to be another exclusive special edition feature I’m calling my Droid army union representative. This is just getting out of hand now.

    Roger, Roger.

  87. Nute Gunray has let himself go!

  88. I come in peace ack ackk. droid 1- there goes the neighborhood. droid 2- Roger Roger.

  89. “Bogey at 1 o’clock!”

    “aaaa—-chooooo!!! interior wipers – deploy!”

  90. Suddenly, the Martian realized that he didn’t really want a planet for his birthday. He needed the newest skinny robot body to run around the countryside…

  91. I think we are on the wrong set.

  92. Um… whoever double booked this invasion is gonna be in deep poodoo.. roger roger

  93. “I don’t like the way the big green head is looking at us, sir.”
    “Look over there. Maybe if we ignore it, it will float away.”
    “Roger, Roger.”

  94. “Oh look, the Senator from Mars. Maybe we can ask him for directions.”

  95. Droid 1 – “So how do we get rid of it?”
    Droid 2 – “They say music makes it’s head explode, but five minutes of listening to that Gungan’s voice should do the trick. After all, It worked on the audience.”

  96. You go that way and draw it’s fire…. I’ll cover you and hopefully his head explodes!

  97. I guess the Republic is winning the war… Look at we have for reinforcement!

  98. That’s no moon.

  99. The nearest bathroom is over there

  100. Droid 1 – “So that’s what Grievus looks like without his armour”

    Droid 2 – “Roger-Roger”.

  101. ACK ACK!!(Droid)That does not compute ahh, you are under arest!!

  102. Battledroid 1: Don’t Shoot till you see the whites of their…ehe…Brains!
    Battledroid 2: Roger, Roger

  103. Ok, this staring contest is getting a little awkward!!!

  104. Red Droid: *waves hand* “These are not the droids you are looking for.”
    Left Driod: “Setting phasers to stun!”
    Martian: “ACK, ACK!”

  105. Is that Admiral Ack-Ackbar?

  106. ” Just chill.. I got this. “

  107. Lucas Ranch Sanfransico 2030

    Droid 1: We’ve escaped
    Droid 2: Roger Roger
    Droid 1: Not again, I thought Vodafone would have stopped using that little green dude for their adverts!
    Alien: When 928 years old you reach, look as good you will not.”
    Droid 2: Dont under estimate the power of WD40

  108. “I told you there were a bunch of weirdos at Skywalker Ranch!”

  109. Its just another Jedi mind trick.

  110. I don’t want to sound wierd, but I get the feeling this guy is from a galaxy far, far away…

  111. droid 1:”Spaceballs?!?”
    droid 2:”Oh s***, there goes the planet.

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