Hey guys! We’re going to be at WonderCon 2012 in Anaheim!

WonderCon 2012

That’s right. You heard it here first! We’re going to WonderCon! Not only that, we’re going to have an exclusive Mini Bust available! We’ll be announcing our booth number as soon as it’s assigned, so don’t hesitate to swing by and pay us a visit!

Can’t announce what it is yet, though. Post your guesses in the comments below (comments are screened, so don’t worry if your guess doesn’t get posted right away)! Those who guess the identity of the exclusive correctly will be entered into a drawing to win one!

Quick hint: The silhouette above does not reflect the actual shape of the bust.

The bust will be revealed February 26th 22nd, and we’ll announce the winner the same day.

Premier Guild Members will be able to pre-order the bust starting February 26th and have it shipped to them afterwards if they can’t make it to Anaheim.

Good luck!

EDIT: Whoops! Turns out February 26th is a Sunday. We’ll be announcing the bust and picking the winner on Wednesday, February 22nd! Get your guesses in!

98 Responses to “Gentle Giant at WonderCon!”

  1. Yoda with 3D Glasses and Popcorn Mini Bust

  2. I’m with Cory, I hope it’s the 3D Yoda!

  3. This Bust exclusive is the Count Dooku.

  4. Blondie from Sucker Punch

  5. Yoda with 3D glasses

  6. It’s a General Veers bust.

  7. Young man version of Voldemort or Oliver Wood?

  8. Silver Surfer

  9. OOM Security Battle Droid

  10. Lord vader

  11. Jar Jar Binks

  12. Gotta be the Yoda with 3D glasses and popcorn surely – haven’t seen any other news on its release yet.

  13. Soon as I saw this I too thought of the Yoda with the popcorn & 3D glasses.

  14. Thrawn

  15. Harry Potter Professor Umbridge!

  16. Padme Amadalia maquetta

  17. Harry Potter Professor Umbridge mini bust!

  18. Yoda with 3D glasses and Popcorn mini bust

  19. Hawkeye

  20. it’s SP “Rocket” bust (without the cap)

  21. Red Hulk

  22. Battle Droid variant.

  23. Yoda with 3D glasses and popcorn.

  24. Grand Admiral Thrawn

  25. Yellow Costume Wolverine

  26. Yoda with 3D glasses

  27. yoda in 3d glasses mini-bust

  28. Battle Droid variant

  29. Yoda with 3D Glasses and Popcorn

  30. I think it is a Venom or Spiderman bust. Maybe Spidey 2099!!!

  31. “George Lucas” bust

  32. I would love it to be a George Lucas bust but I think it has to be the 3D Yoda.

  33. ponda baba

  34. The ElvisTrooper with 3D glasses and a big’ol tub of buttered popcorn!

  35. OOM-9 Battle Droid

  36. OOM-9 Battle Droid Commander

  37. It ought to be Admiral Motti from Star Wars.

  38. Grand Admiral Thrawn

  39. Just a quick question will it be possible to order the bust ( whatever it is ) using the 2011 PGM membership or will the 2012 memberships be “live” by then. Thanks

  40. Yoda w/ 3D Glasses

  41. Phase I Commander Cody

  42. stan lee

  43. Sucker Punch Rocket bust

  44. If it is a SW bust I am thinking Jar Jar or 3D Yoda.

  45. Yoda with 3D Glasses and Popcorn mini bust!!

  46. Yoda & 3D glasses with Popcorn mini bust

  47. Yoda with 3D glasses

  48. Sucker Punch Sweet Pea Bust

  49. Golden version of First Appearance Iron Man

  50. Mace Windu Mini-Bust

  51. darth maul for the rerelease of phantom menace 3d

  52. Yoda with popcorn and 3d glasses mini-bust.

  53. I am going to have to agree with most on here and say YODA with 3D glasses

  54. Yoda with the old school 3d glasses

  55. Lobot

  56. Darth Maul 3D edition!

  57. - OOM9 Battle Droid

  58. Thrawn.

  59. Iron Man

  60. Yoda with popcorn and 3D glasses …

  61. Mynock Han Solo

  62. mcquarrie concept stormtrooper

  63. Loki bust from the Avengers movie!

  64. I agree with the mynock Han Solo variant

  65. Mynock Han Solo variant

  66. OOM-9 Battle Droid Commander

  67. Golden Armor Iron Man Mark I

  68. I suppose I would think the Yoda 3D would be the best choice

  69. Yoda with his glasses/shades only cos no one else has mentioned it :0)

  70. New Boba Fett.

  71. I don’t know why but I bet for Lobot

  72. yoda with 3d glasses with pop corn :D

  73. Yoda with 3d glasses and popcorn

  74. It could be Nick Furry

  75. Yoda with 3D glasses and popcorn !

  76. My guess is Sam Jackson as Nick Fury.

  77. Also going with Yoda with 3d glasses

  78. Gandalf from The Hobbit!

  79. I am going with Nick Fury.

  80. Boba fett holding baby jango

  81. White Widow

  82. Rum Sleg!

  83. Me thinks OOM-9. Think we’ll see the little green 3-D guy at CVI.

  84. Going with 3-D glasses Yoda…dad’s wrong ;)

  85. Stan Lee Variant bust

  86. OOM-9

  87. Without wishing to jump on the bandwagon I’d have to go with Yoda with 3D glasses.

  88. Yoda with popcorn and 3D glasses.

  89. I’m going to have to go with everyone else, Yoda with 3D Glasses and Popcorn Mini Bust!!

  90. a deadpool variant

  91. Yoda with 3D glasses

  92. Spider-man Movie Bust

  93. Hawkeye Movie Bust.

  94. scarlett johansson as the black widow bust

  95. Darth Maul eating popcorn

  96. Wonderwoman with it being WonderCon

  97. Yoda with old school 3D glasses

  98. Yoda, with the 3D glasses and popcorn…

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