Squirrel’s Corner Fall Q&A Part 1


-          When will the 2011 PG Gifts ship?

We are shooting for End of November, beginning of December.

-          Are the bust-ups (any license) dead?

We never like to say “Dead” per se, but rather that things are “shelved for a later time”.  We have some ideas we are tossing around.

-          Are there any other PGM exclusives coming out this year?

We just announced the Bespin Han mini bust for PG members.  And as a GG LTD WEB exclusive the Clone Wars animated EPIC AT-RT Maquette.

-          Are there any plans for a Gentle Giant book that would showcase past releases, concept drawings and maybe even a DVD of the bust making process from start to finish?

Definitive plans – no.  Would we love to have a book out there…of course!  It’s something we have thought about, and have actually started pulling together.  Unfortunately time and resources are limited.  Hopefully one day this will happen!

-          Will there be a GGC Exclusive? If so, is there anything you can tell us about it?

While we cannot confirm that there will be an exclusive just for GGC, but there have been some discussions on a shared exclusive.  Nothing has been confirmed.

-          Will you ever implement a fan vote bust? If so, when?

We have done similar polls in the past.  However, to accurately do a “FAN VOTE” bust, we would need to issue the voting across multiple collector sites and other resources to accurately poll our collectors.  We consistently listen and visit collector sites for feedback and most wanted.  How about this, we do a FAN vote bust for the end of 2012 release?

-          Any plans for a GG Contest (for example best Custom?)

As we move forward with our website and capabilities to monitor and manage content, we hope will be able to offer such unique contests and opportunities to our collectors.

-          Do you believe in the Mayan 2012 prophecy? If so, how do you suggest I protect my GG collectibles?

This Squirrel isn’t quite sure about the whole Mayan Prophecy thing…but what she can tell you is that she will be hibernating if that happens, and has a stockpile of mixed nuts for a food supply. 


-          Any plans to return to Forbidden Planet London?

There are currently no set plans to return to Forbidden Planet London, but that could always change.  Things pop up all the time.

-          Are you guys going to CVI? If so, can we hope for an exclusive bust at CVI?

We will definitely be at CVI and our collectors can definitely expect to see exclusives from Gentle Giant.

-          Also, can you bring your entire SDCC display? We know CVI is SW focused but we do like other lines too!

Because of space we are limited on what we can show.  Depending on our booth size and display space, we may just surprise you with a little more than Star Wars.  However, Star Wars is our focus at Celebration.


Star Wars

-          Are there any special plans to release a mini bust to tie in with the 3D Star Wars movie next year?

YES!  Yoda with 3D glasses holding the Obi-Wan cinema popcorn is our special commemorative mini bust to be released in conjunction with the release of the first Star Wars movie in 3D, The Phantom Menace.  It is based off of the Lucas artwork of Yoda.  There may even be some other special surprises accompanying this bust!

-          When can we pre-order the new pieces revealed at SDCC?

We have already offered some of our pieces.  But of course, SDCC is our big unveil for what is up and coming down the road.  Stand by!

-          Will the 12 inch Kenner Star Wars line continue in order from their original 70′s and 80′s releases or will you be a little more picky as to future releases? I would personally like to see the Gamorrean Guard and Bib Fortuna, but am afraid that minor characters from the Empire Strikes Back line may cause the line to end before you get there.

Our first goal is Star Wars backer cards, 12 back, and we should be wrapping that up by the end of this year.  Rolling out in 2012 is the 20 back.  You will find all your favorite cantina creatures…and even Luke in his X-Wing costume.   So far this line has been a real success and really fun to make.  We will see what happens after the 20 back is fully issued.

-          I would like the Darth Malgus Maquette but am not a PC game enthusiast. Will the Malgus Maquette be available to Premier Guild Members by itself?

This piece was specifically created with BioWare, LucasArts and EA for their Collectors Set. It will only be available through the purchase of the collectors set.  However, what I can tell you is that you will have another opportunity to pick up Malgus, but just not in 7” statue format.

-          When will we see updated pics of Kit Fisto bust colored green and when is he shipping? Thanks

I am still working with our vendor to ensure his coloring is better.  As you can imagine, once a paint master goes to our vendor, it gets handled a lot, and sometimes that will alter the original we send out.  Over time, samples may change because what our vendor is seeing is a “dirtier” version of our paint master.  So we have to go back and forth and show images to ensure they are following directions carefully and are precise.  I will hopefully have images soon that I can share.

-          At your SDCC presentation last years you said that GG is going to devise a way to produce a 1/6 scale Creature Cantina environment that would connect the Blue Snaggletooth and Greedo with additional statues to create the ultimate bar scene. Now one year later can you give us more information about this project.

This is something we are still developing. Nothing set in stone or confirmed at this time.

-          Will we see the Cantina Band members in a set or keep buying them individually?  Will you be releasing a Cantina Diorama base for all the Cantina Statues?

We will keep releasing them individually at this time.  We may decide to offer a 2-pack to help finish the set of the band.

-          Will there be more vehicle inspired maquettes? Maybe a speeder or tauntaun?

I personally love vehicle statues and maquettes.  All I can say we may have a couple up our sleeves!

-          Are there any plans to sell “add-ons” or accessories to current releases? I would love to see Luke and Han heads for the Stormtrooper statue and thought it would be awesome if you all sold environmental bases for your statues like Maul with speeder and Scout Trooper with speeder.

This is something I have always thought about.  There are some challenges to do something like this, also, if order quantities would support a program like this as well.  I have to say a Luke and Han trooper statue has been on our list of products to do for quite some time.

-          Has there been any discussion about making more of the McQuarrie concept SW busts and, if so, which ones?

YES. Now, I can’t tell you that just yet!  Will those remain as SDCC exclusives only or will they have regular releases as well. We are currently discussing the fate of this line.  So far, as SDCC exclusives it has been very successful way of releasing this special line of busts. 

-         We would LOVE to have the McStormtrooper bust made along with McLuke to go with the McVader we already have!  

Noted!  =)

-          Could you share a picture of the alternate Gen. Veers?

Sure thing.  I have given Greg one to share with all of you.  It is the approved version! (the colors were slightly off at SDCC because he was finished being painted only 1 day before the show opened!)

-          What are the approximate dimensions of the AT-AT bookends that are in the works?

We are still working on the scale.

-          What’s the status of the Scaled Helmet line?

I have some plans up my sleeves that I am not quite ready to share.  But it’s not completely dead.

-          Do you have other plans for the Animated Maquette line after the Leia Boush statue ?


-          After Nihilus, is that the end of the KotOR busts?


-          What other Clone wars maquettes are in the works, and when can we expect them?

We have some really great characters lined up.  I would say a Plo Kloon is in there… I mean how can we not do him, when it’s Dave Filoni’s favorite?!

-          When will we see the first pictures of the R2-D2 life-size monument ?

This droid was shown at SDCC, and we can post some pictures real soon.

-          Is the Pose/Facesculpt of the Emperor Palpatine bust final or will it be changed or improved ?

Emperor Palpatine was shown approved at SDCC.

-          Will there be more Ewok Busts ?

Logray is next!

-          What’s the status on:

  • The Dart Board – We are re-soliciting.  We were not happy with the quality of one of our vendors, and after much back and forth with samples I finally found a new vendor.  We will be announcing a new LOWER price, and images of actual sample from our new vendor in the next solicitation of Diamond.  (December Issue)  And, I am happy to say that the new set will come with the actual darts.
  • The Bantha Statue – We are in full production on these. Because of the larger statue and details, this has taken a bit longer to develop.  I am hoping to have him shipping by the end of the year.
  • R2-D2 Statue – He is still in development with our manufacturer.

-          When can we expect:

  • Kit Fisto Mini Bust – Dec. 2011
  • Battle Droid Mini Bust –  March 2012
  • Darth Nihilus Mini Bust – Dec 2011
  • Aurra Sing Mini Bust – Jan 2012

Harry Potter

-          Will we see any more HP pieces in the future?


-          When will the Professor Trelawney MB be released? Edition Size?

She will be out by the end of the year.  Edition size 750

Sucker Punch

-          How far will the Sucker Punch line go?

Right now, we are planning on releasing the rest of the girls:  Sweet Pea, Rocket, and Blondie.  Also, we have the German Zombie Soldier.

-          Is it possible to buy any of these pieces unpainted?

Not at this time.

-          When will the Blondie statue be available?

She will be out next spring.

-          When will the Nazi Zombie and Demon Samurai going up for pre-order?

It’s actually just called the German Zombie Soldier, and he should be out by Spring next year.  Samurai statue is currently still in development.

-          Are the other Sucker Punch girls going to have variants?

Not at this time.

-          Will you create Dioramas for the Sucker Punch line?

It’s not in our plans.


-          What’s the status on this line? Is it still happening? If so, when will these pieces be released?

We are finally in full production on Tsu Tey and Neytiri.  Looking at the end of 2011 release.


-          Will you be making anything  based on The Hobbit?

It surely makes sense!  Stay tuned.

That’s it for part 1 of our Q&A!

Greg here. Just wanted to follow up real fast on a couple of things. First, VS is handing off all Marvel-related questions to Dev, our VP of Product Development. I’m going to work on getting those answers from him ASAP.

Second, there were a lot more Star Wars questions that VS hasn’t had the chance to answer yet. I’m going to follow up with her and see if I can get replies soon. Stay tuned!

Third, VS also gave me another image to leak to y’all:

So, that’s it for now! More to come (hopefully) soon!


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  2. Thank you very much for the update concerning the dart board. I can’t wait to see the final product listed in Previews.

  3. Thanks for sharing both versions of the Veers bust. Very excited to get two of these. I have a snowtrooper and AT-AT driver who are awaiting some orders :)

  4. Happy Dance on the Potter question. YAY!!!! Thank you

    I know alot of people who will be very happy that you have given us a deffinate answer finally on the HP situation. Oooh i wonder what bust we will see???

    Please say the Weasley Parents xxxxxx pretty please with a cherry on top ;)

  5. Many thanks for the Q&A and the exclusive pics!

  6. We can only hope mrsweasly that GG aren’t just refering to the Trelawney MB & the Harry, Snape & Dumbledore gallery statues. I hope there is more unannouced minibusts planned even if they aren’t allowed to tell us. Fingers crossed

  7. What’s the hold up with the R2D2 Statue?It seems like you have no problem with the Clone Wars Maquette or the Life sized version getting produced.I think we deserve more of an explanation than “He is still in development with our manufacturer.” When will this ship I’ve only had it on preorder for the last 4 years?

  8. Hi DP. Thanks for asking. As we explained recently, we are working on the R2 statue to make it a museum quality scale replica of what was seen on screen. The prototype itself took years to craft. We haven’t been satisfied with the early samples from our manufacturing partners, so we’re still working on it. We will post updates as more news becomes available. Thanks!

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