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18 Responses to “Gentle Giant’s July 2011 Solicitations!”

  1. Where’s the Potter???

  2. Well done GG some very nice items, but no Potter disappointed

  3. Was really excited when I saw the email and then there was nothing Harry Potter and now I am bummed!

  4. If your asking about new or updates on Harry Potter. Forget about it no one seems to know anything about the products they are selling.

  5. Hi Andrew. Thank you for your observation. We don’t have anything we can announce about the Harry Potter line at this time.

  6. Thanks and sorry for the rudeness. I am just excited and aggrevated because I am so ready to get the Voldemort and Harry Gallery Collection Statue for my theater room. Thanks again.

  7. If the Potter Line is to continue at G.G. it would behoove you to tell your customers SOMETHING! I hope for at least 6-8 more mini-busts before any thought of ending this line is even considered, there are MILLIONS of fans out there who are waiting for more.

  8. I totally agree with Eddy some news on more releases for Harry would be great,perhaps GG could do a poll again for the fans choices of busts. We need more Harry Potter Busts

  9. I agree with all the boys, I am disappointed in the lack of news about the Harry Potter line. I apparently missed the release of the Snape mini-bust even though I am on the mailing list. I have dreamed of the Snape statute ever since seeing it at the 2009 Comic-Con but feel sure I will miss it. The Harry and Voldemort look fantastic!

  10. Even though the Harry Potter films are done…the interest in Harry Potter is not fading. If you think it will just ask Universal why they dedicated a whole part of their theme park to Harry Potter!

    You could do so much better with the Harry Potter mini bust line…many beloved characters!

  11. While I will never doubt the scope and loyalty of the Star Wars Nation the Harry Potter Universe dwarfs it in both size and fervor! Surely you must see the potential long term impact you could make in the industry with an expansion of the Harry Potter line to a size similar the Star wars line.

  12. @ Eddy

    …please don’t exaggerate, the Star Wars fanbase has a few generations on Harry Potter…at least 3 generations (30+ years) to be exact. I grew up with Star Wars but I have just as much love for the Harry Potter films! Surely Gentle Giant knows that BOTH lines will keep making money.

  13. Harry Potter fever is not dying anytime soon. No matter how many busts or statues you produce, I’ll be in. News on whether more are coming will be greatly appreciated.

  14. I think it would be great if Gentle Giant would let Premier Guild members be included in some of the decisions of what Star Wars characters should be produced..such as having a yearly ‘Member’s Choice’ mini bust which would be chosen by popular vote of Premier Guild Members from a pre-determined list of characters that Gentle Giant provides for voting choices.

    Is it possible to see an official reply to this post please?

    Thank You!

  15. Hi Matthew. Thank you for your suggestion. This idea has been discussed internally before and is something we may consider trying in the future, but no firm decision on it has been made yet.

  16. @ Customer Service,

    Thank you for your response. :-)

  17. Hi, what about an Incinerator trooper from star wars The Force Unleashed ? I asked about it on your Fb page a few months ago, and you told me that was a good idea. Any news about it ?
    Thank you for your work and time ! :)

  18. Hi any updates on the r2d2 statue,seems to be nearly 2 years since you first announced it was going to be released june this year I was told by my retailer.

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