Check out the latest Gentle Giant Q&A! These questions were collected from our blog, Twitter, Facebook and customer service e-mail account and are reposted here in their original form.

What’s coming out in the next 90 days?

We have a busy schedule for the next 90 days, but this will vary as unforeseen obstacles do occur from time to time. However, you should see:

  • Obi-Wan EP3 mini bust
  • Muftak and Kabe 2-pack Mini Busts
  • Pre-Vizla Maquette
  • Hammerhead Mini Bust
  • Star Wars rings
  • Bantha Statue (including PG version)
  • Jumbo Kenner Vader
  • Jumbo Kenner Leia
  • Professor Trelawney Mini Bust
  • Babydoll Statue (and Japanese Variant)
  • Amber Statue

This is to just name a few. PLUS – we will continue to announce some great future product. Including San Diego Comic Con exclusives. Those will officially be announced at the end of June/beginning of July. Oh, and I just remembered, we have a new offering for our PG Members starting today, Walrus Man Cantina Statue! He is a great companion piece to Blue Snags and Greedo Statues. Get yours today!

walrus man in the cantina line up

How about a section where we can tell tell you who we want to see..(top votes get made)…how about second runs..for those who missed out…like farmboy Luke or that at-at driver we all seemed to let go..and about my idea to team up with the wwe…they have a huge fan base..many so called characters…would love a hawk and animal.or superfly snuka..

We are working on making our site more interactive for our collectors. Of course we do visit various collectors sites, and our Facebook page to see what our collectors are seeking for their collections. Unfortunately we do not go back to a bust and do re-runs. It takes away from the collectability of each bust. Sometimes we may go back and re-visit a character, but come up with a whole unique design then previously done. And to answer your question about WWE license, we are always reviewing new licenses that make sense for our brand. As of now there are no plans for a WWE line. However, you can take note that we do work with Mattel on sculpting the WWE action figures.

Star Wars
I’m sure you get this a ton, but will there be more expanded universe busts? Specially, Darth Bane. LOVE the look of the Nihilus coming out.

Of course! We like the EU too. The challenge is finding the balance from releasing all the difference Star Wars characters from movies, animated series, comics, video games etc. We will definitely keep adding to this line.

Will there be any statues of EU characters like Darth Revan? Or will there be any other variances of an Episode I or II Obi-wan, whether that be in the form of mini busts, or statues?

Right now we have Darth Talon Statue in the works. We limit the number of statue skus we release in a calendar year. Primarily because we know that these pieces are expensive, and we don’t want to overload our collectors with too many must-have pieces.

I thought the Cad Bane maquette was going to be released in the first quarter of 2011(around March), will it be?

He was supposed to be released in March, but with Chinese New Year, the first part of the year shipping and manufacturing schedule is always dicey. Factories close for 2-4 weeks, with factory workers leaving sometimes a week to 2 weeks before to travel home to see their families. Then after Chinese New Year, not all workers return. So, in turn, our manufacturers have to hire and train new workers. This can severely delay items. It’s always been this way… so we have to be patient and work hard to get items shipping sooner than later without compromising any quality.

is Gentle Giant eventually going to offer all of the cantina band members or Jabba’s palace band in the mini bust line?

Keep your eyes peeled in 2012.

Any chance for an Episode VI Palpatine Bust or Statue ?And when will we see Veers?

I can’t give any specifics right now, but I do know Veers might pop his head up in 2012.

Since Kit Fisto has been met with such terrible reviews, will you be changing the paint/sculpt in the actual release, and if so will we get to see it before it arrives at our house. I don’t mean this question to be a mean jab, although I know it could come across that way. I’m often one who sticks up for GG because, more often then not, people complain just to complain, and as in everything you can’t always make everyone happy. But I, like many others have been waiting for this bust for a long time, and it has fallen far short on almost every front. When people constantly complain it has “the boy cried wolf” effect when an legitimate complaint exists. This is a legitimate complaint.

I think this is a fair question. Our collectors should know that we have behind-the-scenes photographs that we work off of when matching paint colors to characters. We also send physical painted pieces to Lucas Licensing, and they have to approve our pieces before we can go into manufacturing. So what everyone is seeing is accurate and approved. However, I am personally revisiting this item to see what adjustments can be made at this point in time.

Will the new Obi-Wan bust available for PGM on your site as well? If yes, when approx? Is the Clone Wars Bly bust sold out?

Yes, as promised, we will always have a small quantity available for our PG members with any exclusive we create. Since this is an Entertainment Earth Exclusive, they will have the first opportunity to release their portion. Typically we wait 4-6 weeks before our offering. And yes, I believe we do still have some Bly in stock.

Why do u add unnecessarily guns to mini bust? IE. Leia Hoth never had a blaster until Cloud City and it was a Imperial not a Rebel. Hammer Head never had a gun in ANH. Lando NEVER had rebel blaster in ESB,it was a Imperial. I mean has your QA dept even seen the movies? I would REALLY like to know this. Really.

When we design characters and their accessories, there is some creative liberty allowed on our parts that makes sense for the character. For instance, Hammerhead, when we created him, we said what other things would he be doing in that same universe, but wasn’t captured on film? You never really see Hammerheads hands, only holding a drink. Our Cantina Statues is a perfect example of this. We never really saw Greedo leaning on the bar with his gun out like we sculpted him, but we posed him this way in this environment as if it was something that he could have done off-camera. We heavily build on these characters and what they are doing in their environments that we may have only gotten to see briefly in the actual films.

You guys are brave for answering questions in this format. Thanks for taking the time !! Why are some busts like 2-1B and Ackbar lighter? Like they are made of plastic and not resin?

Good question. 2-1b is composed of mixed materials. Resin, white-metal, plastic tube, and injection molded pieces due to the delicate design of the character. When creating certain pieces, some materials do not lend themselves to make certain parts. Thus changing the weight since it’s not one solid piece of polyresin. For Ackbar, he could have been made up of a different resin mixture. Our manufacturers each have their own formulas for resin. But all typically are around the same in components.

What is the logic in going with obscure EU characters like Jes Gistang or the Shadow Scout Trooper that most collectors have little interest in over big name EU characters such as Grand Admiral Thrawn, Darth Krayt, Darth Bane, Prince Xizor, Quinlan Vos, etc that collectors have been begging to get made for YEARS?????

Believe it or not, there ARE many collectors clamoring for those characters and the ones like Thrawn and Bane, etc. We can’t make every character at once. We do our best to see what our collectors are seeking to add to their collection. Maybe we could do a collectors choice for Classic and EU each year for our PG members. However, in order to get the item produced a minimum order would need to be met. Something we will consider.

Will the R2-D2 statue and/or Battle Droid mini bust be released in the next year? And if not, when?

Actually, after much development time, I just received a sample of the Battle Droid Mini bust last week. He looks great. I should be able to release him for production. It will be around 100 days or so before he will reach our collectors. I will try to get Greg to do a video or some in-hand photos of the sample. R2 is shipping in August 2011 from our vendor. He has taken more time to develop. But once he comes out, we are looking at creating some possible variant droids.
(EDIT: Greg here. Speaking of video…)

Will the vintage 12″ scale figures continue beyond the cantina creatures – Hammerhead, Greedo and Walrus Man? Also when can we expect pre-order on Greedo & Hammerhead?

Our goal was to release the original 12 backs this year and move into the 21 back starting in 2012. You will definitely see those creatures for pre-order coming up for 2012.

I love the 12 inch Star Wars line. Its the product line that kept me on as a premier guild member but I have to say that I am disappointed that Gentle Giant never made the Vinyl Cape Jawa variant nor a Double Telescoping Lightsaber for Luke, Ben, and Vader since all of these were the very first variations of the first 12 that was released back in 1977. Is this something that Gentle Giant might produce in the near future? Hint: Shorten Ben Kenobi’s cape and there you have a vinyl cape for the Jawa

Keep your eyes peeled. =)

Is Gentle Giant going to be releasing a SDCC Star Wars Exclusive Large Size Action Figure?


I got my G.G. Han Solo 12 inch figure in and I am very happy with everything. I just need to ask these two questions because me and five other collectors were wondering if Gentle Giant had or might consider making a playset for these figures like a Creature Cantina? Second question and I know this one is a stretch, but has Gentle Giant considered making a larger version of the display bin for these figures? The one I am referring to is the counter display that had a plastic tray with the photo back drop of the original 12 figures that were out? We think that would be the Ultimate piece to be able to display these figures in. So let us know Gentle Giant if you might have plans to do this because “Collectors Minds Want To Know”

We are definitely considering ways to enhance this line for our collectors. It really comes down to costs and if it will do well and meet minimum order quantities. But we have not crossed out anything out yet.

Harry Potter
Q1. Is there any love for a Neville Longbottom mini-bust at GG? All the main young characters have been made & a few minor one’s like Cho & Cedric. Neville has been in all 8 films & plays a major role in the final battle…which would make a awesome mini-bust. Bloodied & battle worn with the Gryffindor sword.

He is on our list of characters to come out. Possibly sooner than later.

Q2. Also Mr & Mrs Weasley both have been in 7 films a piece? And Slughorn (just because of the brilliant performance by Jim Broadbent, the tweed outfit & motar board hat) Enough nagging now lol.

We love the Weasley family, but they are probably on the bottom of the list of characters to come out. This line slowing down as the last movie comes out this summer.

Will there be an exclusive Harry Potter bust at SDCC?

Of course! YES!

GG Horror
Hi I was wondering what is next for the horror maquette line . I’m a big fan of the jason and freddy maquettes.

Thank you, we loved creating that line and designing those maquettes. Right now we have no plans for expanding the line at this time.

54 Responses to “Squirrel’s Corner – May 2011”

  1. Great news about a Neville bust, I beg you guys to reconsider on Mr. and Mrs. Weasley! They are two of the most loved characters in the series! Not to mention no one that has previously held the Potter license has released much for them and they are one of the most requested busts on the forums! Just something to think about!

  2. Thanks for answering my questions VS. Agree with you Shane, fantastic news about Neville. He’s my favourite character, I’d be gutted if the line ended without him. I’d love Arthur & Molly too plus Slughorn, Flitwick, Yaxley, Narcissa. With the line slowing down perhaps GG should issue a poll for the last few characters to be made? Perhaps the top 5 most popular or 10 if we are lucky (wishful thinking I know)

  3. I have emailed every open for Squirrel Corner and my questions are never answered. I have emailed GG directly and no answer. I have asked on the comments area but no answer. Please can someone answer a simple question?? I want to know when the Voldemort and Harry Gallery Collection Statues will be released from the movie Goblet of Fire. I would also like to know if Snape and Dumbledore will be released as well. Thanks.

  4. One of your people on FB told me the Cad Bane maquette should be released early summer…Is that still going to happen?

  5. Wow, you did a Cho, and Cedric (gag) but not Mr. and Mrs. Weasley? That is very, very disappointing. Oh well…
    Very excited about Neville.

    When will the Harry Potter SDCC bust be available for order?

  6. “For instance, Hammerhead, when we created him, we said what other things would he be doing in that same universe, but wasn’t captured on film?”

    He probably wouldn’t have been waiving a blaster in the air. According to Wookieepedia, he was a priest, environmentalist, and “peaceful Rebel sympathizer.” I’m really liking what GG has done on the cantina aliens so far but the pose for Momaw Nadon is just wrong, IMO.

  7. I am very excited to hear that a Neville will be done. I’ve always wanted a Neville to be added to the line. And I do hope you reconsider Arthur & Molly Weasley. They’re such pivotal characters to the series, it would be a shame to not have them in the line, especially when no one else with the license for HP ever does anything with those characters. What’s more… a Cho Chang was done way before the Weasley parents, and that’s just wrong. I get that she’s Harry’s first infatuation, but we all know how that turned out.

    Also, when you say there will be an exclusive Harry Potter SDCC bust… do you literally mean Harry Potter the character, or a character from the series? I would just like to point out, there are already 3 versions of Harry, 4 if you count the light-up version of the Year 5 bust. So, it would be great if it could either be a character that hasn’t been done yet, or might I suggest… a Quidditch Ginny Weasley bust??? I know so many collectors of this line that would love that piece. Just sayin’ :)

    I have more to say, but this is already becoming a very long rant. So perhaps I will continue it in a lovely email to the customer service department.

    PS. Just because the movies are ending this year, doesn’t mean the mini bust line has to die out and end. The Star Wars movies have been over for a while, yet things are still released for that. People will still want Harry Potter products (i.e. mini busts) long after the movies are done. Again, just saying’ :)

  8. One more thing…I truly hope that Gentle Giant considers a Ginny Quidditch. A Draco Quidditch would be cool too, but Ginny really is a must. The Ron Quidditch is absolutely the best in the line and I think it only seems right. These busts have been a joy. Thanks GG.

  9. Am glad to hear that you guys will be doing all the 20/21 cardback figures as 12” dolls , lets hope that after the star wars line , you guys will start on empire strikes back , would love to have all 96 figures done as 12” dolls. Walrus Man looks great , lets hope next year we’ll see Hammerhead statue … As always keep up the great work

  10. Call me crazy but here is my train of thought on the HP line. GG says that its slowing because the movies are coming to a end. But yet SW movies ended YEARS ago and we still get product to cover it. There are so many more that need to be made and there is a decent fanbase of collectors that will buy them. KEEP THE POTTER ALIVE!!!!

  11. “This line slowing down as the last movie comes out this summer.”

    Uhhh… Hasn’t it already slowed down? There hasn’t been a new pre-order since May of last year.

  12. [...] (website, Twitter) is bringing us a Walrus Man statue . . . and the first thing I thought when I saw the announcement was: “I should nab that Greedo statue before it skyrockets in price.” Click to visit [...]

  13. I wish they would do a new Draco and maybe a Narcissa. I would love to see them continue the Harry Potter line its the only items I really collect other then the HP action figures. If Star Wars can last as long as it is then I think Harry Potter could as well.

  14. I’d deffo buy a Narcissa along with Arthur,Molly, Slughorn,Flitwick,year 6 or 7 Hermione,Yaxley,Umbridge, Lockheart,Sprout,Kingsley,Scrimgeour (just cause it’s Bill Nighy) & maybe Xenophyllis….& maybe more lol

  15. Why is my question being deleted and ignored. I am a excellent customer of Gentle Giant but I cannot get a response as to what is happening to the “Wizard Of Oz Series”. Will it be continued or not.
    Some other collector sites are still taking pre-orders and others have stopped. Please give me some insight or advise that the character bust will not be produced.

    Thnak you, Mark

  16. Hi Mark. I can assure you that no one has been deleting your question. The Wizard of Oz line is on hold at this time, and there is no timetable established as to when or if it will be resumed at this time. If that changes, we’ll be certain to make a big announcement. Is there anything else we can do for you?

  17. I thank you for your response. I have have been 100% satisfied with every piece I have purchased. The Cantina Bar pieces are fantastic-looking forward to their continued line.

    Regarding the Wizard of Oz line-the pictures I have seen of them look so incredibly detailed to the actual characters I’m very much looking forward to their release (I already have spaces on my piano reserved for their arrival) :)

    Thank you again for your continued commitment in producing quality collectables. Mark

  18. I think it is hilarious that I have been asking for months about the harry potter and voldemort gallery collection and I can never get and answer! But one question on the wizard of oz and bam! Let me answer you right away sir. It is said that nobody on this so called Q and A can never get an answer for Harry Potter collectibles.

  19. Will Gentle Giant ever be continuing or making any more of the Star Wars Lego maquette line? These were really fantastic pieces and there are so many characters that would make great additions to the line. Thanks!

  20. Hi Anubisace! Thanks for asking! Just to let you know, we don’t have any further plans for more LEGO Star Wars Maquettes at this time. Is there anything else I can help you with?

  21. I two would like to get an update on the Voldemort and Harry Potter gallery statues. I can’t wait to get them? Thanks GG

  22. Is there an update on the Harry Potter “Wormtail” release its been a good while now since i heard anything, also any plans to release any more Harry Potter busts this year ?

  23. Forgot to add, agree totally with all theothers keeps releasing the Harry Potter Busts there are so many that can be released, just because the films are now completed – same as StarWars !!!!

  24. What’s going on with Wormtail? He was in production forever and not I can’t find him on your site?

    Keep on making HP’s. I guarantee I’ll buy every single one you make for the next 25 years.

  25. Has Linebird uncovered a G.G. Conspiracy? Are the representatives of G.G. purposely ignoring Harry Potter queries? I just got my Neville Longbottom mini-bust and it is a BRILLIANT piece of art, I just don’t understand why you won’t give us any info on the line? Here is a direct question
    ” Can your loyal Harry Potter customers expect any more mini-busts this year?” Now we will all wait to see how long it
    takes for anyone to answer if they answer at all.

  26. Hi Eddy. Yes, you can expect the Trelawney mini bust to be released before the end of the year. Other than that, I can’t comment on future plans for the line at this time.


  28. I apologize if you feel like I’d been ignoring you, but the answer hasn’t changed since the last time I answered the question on here, Facebook, Twitter or any of the forums. If/when we have anything new to reveal, we’ll certainly make that announcement at the earliest possible moment for you guys, I promise.

  29. Has G.G. thought of or will be making a playset or a vehicle line for the Star Wars 12 inch action figures?

  30. I was wondering if Gentle Giant will be making a 12 inch variant of the Sand People with the hollowed tubes, also will there be a double telescoping lightsaber Luke, Ben and Vader and if so, will these be available through the PGM?

  31. Another question to ask Gentle Giant and that is, since there were many different variations of star wars action figures made in the vintage line, will there be a Lili Ledy version of the Jawa with removeable cloth hood? This was and still is a very popular and sought after piece to this day so just was wondering if this is a variant that Gentle Gaint is or might consider exploring?

  32. Thank you for the suggestion! I’ll bring it to our product development team. =)

  33. Thank you for the quick response on my question about the Jawa. Can you tell me if there is going to be a Grey Hair version of the Ben Kenobi figure as well or is it just going to be the white hair version?

  34. Hi Patrick! Thank you for the inquiry. I don’t believe we will be delving into that specific a level of variants. However, I will bring your suggestion to Product Development and see what they say.

  35. Another question for Gentle Giant, Is there going to be a droids series 12 inch figure line? I was just wondering because I would really love to see a 12 inch version of the ever popular and very hard to find Vlix

  36. Excellent suggestion. I’ll bring it to product development and see what they say. =)

  37. Is gentle giant going to make or maybe consider making some of the mail-in offers for the vintage star wars line? I know that the base with backdrop that was made to display the very first 12 figures is something I am sure Gentle Giant wouldnt do since the base itself would have to be about 4ft long but would be an awesome idea so that the figures could be displayed, but like the survival pack mail in or something along the lines like that. I was just wondering

  38. It’s certainly been discussed. Can’t say much more than that at this time.

  39. When will you release an update on the 2012 Harry Potter Bust lineup? Will there be a lineup? Any information on the future of the Harry Potter line would be appreciated.

  40. To commemorate the first mail-in figure, will there be a large size rocket firing boba fett figure?

  41. That’s something we’ve certainly thought about. Unfortunately, I can’t give you any more information than that at this time.

  42. Well here it is January 4,2012 and the much awaited almost forgotten and seriously ignored Harry Potter line still awaits the appearance of the ” Shipping before the end of the year ” Sybill Trelawney mini-bust. Still no word on Neville Longbottom or any of the other pieces fans are clamoring for! I think your gonna have a serious drop in Collector’s Club Membership if someone doesn’t make a decision on the Harry Potter line soon, I know my renewal is pending some committment on the Harry Potter Line. Happy New Year! P.S. Guess we should have asked the end of WHAT year! Nuff Said.

  43. I was just wondering if Gentle Giant will be doing a varation of the Luke Skywalker jumbo figure with brown hair and also having the variant Luke photo of him in the gunner station? Also is there going to be hints to what the new SDCC exclusive jumbo figure might be? :) (rocket firing boba fett or blue snaggletooth perhaps?) :)

  44. I was just wondering if Gentle Giant might be doing a vintage 12 inch retro figure line of the Battlestar Galactica Figure set?

  45. Thank you Gentle Giant so much for making the Blue Snaggletooth large size figure. Is there any chance of putting the icing on this “cake” by making a sixth scale cantina modeled after the Sears version of the Cantina for this figure?

  46. also, any sneak peek on what the card back is going to look like for this Snaggletooth?

  47. Heeo to my friends at Gentle Giant from your Harry Potter fans and supporters! Now that June is almost over I was wondering if anyone at willing to tell us if the Harry Potter line is over? Or maybe a ship date on the Harry and Voldy pieces? It’s been 5 months since my last post and while using the Voldemort piece as a PMG gift was inspired we wonder if it’s only delaying the inevitable announcement of the lines demise. Some words from G.G. would be appreciated.

  48. When will the Lando figure be available and will the PGM be able to pre-order it?

  49. so is gentle giant going to make vintage kenner style George Lucas in Stormtrooper outfit figure?

  50. Please, Please, Please GG can we have some more Harry Potter releases for 2013 : My top 5 for release would be:
    1) Mr and Mrs Weasley
    2) Professor Slughorn
    3) Gilderoy Lockhart
    4) Professor Quirrel
    5) Delores Umbridge
    and of course the Dursley family
    Please dont let the series demise, there are hundreds of characters yet and sure they still sell well

  51. First I want to wish all my friends at G.G. a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and since NO ONE from Customer Service has posted any responses this year to our questions I can only hope Santa is the forgiving sort! What IS the problem with G.G.? What is the future of the Harry Potter line? Does anyone understand the concept of Customer Service? Contrary to your belief that no information is the way to stimulate customer loyalty and satisfaction I assure you it is not. I would love to renew my PMG Membership because I love your products and once the Harry Potter Line is completed I will begin a new collection but NOT until we who have been loyally collecting Harry Potter for all these years are treated with the same loyalty as we have shown you
    over these years. God Bless you EVERY ONE!

  52. Will there be any Oola dioramas like Jabba versus Oola or the Rancor and Oola?

  53. Hey anybody home there at the studio? Last time we heard from anyone was November 2012!!! How about a little interaction with you loyal customers? What about the Harry Potter faithful
    can we expect any new mini-busts? how about statue’s? or at least a respectful eulogy for a fantastic line of artwork?
    We at least deserve to know if the dream has ended! IS ANYONE

  54. Well I just received my 2012 PMG Exclusive Voldemort & Nagini
    and I must say it’s one of their finest pieces to date! I assume this is the final piece of the Harry Potter line as there has been no word on any future pieces to date, it’s a pity such a wonderful line is ending but I will try to call for information from Customer Service but I doubt they will have any answers. In fact I’m not sure anyone even monitors this blog anymore.

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