As always, Gentle Giant is offering three different choice that Premier Guild members can select as their gift for 2011. In a break from tradition, we’re revealing them one at a time over the next two weeks. The first gift you can choose from is…

The Darth Maul Mini Bust

Darth Maul was little more than a being of pure hatred and evil thanks to his harsh severe training under his master; Darth Sidious. However, he was not totally heartless, granting those he felt worthy of his respect quick and painless deaths.

Unlike many Sith Lords, including his Master, Darth Maul never taunted his opponents, or at least not with words, as he preferred to win a duel through combat prowess alone.

When fighting multiple opponents, Maul extended the second blade of his lightsaber to form a saberstaff thereby doubling his lethality.

Sculpted in 1/6th scale and standing just under 7”. Maul is cast in high quality poly-stone no detail was over looked; from costume details, Sith tattoos and the arduously fashioned double bladed lightsaber in Maul’s hands. This strictly limited edition collectible comes hand numbered, complete with a matching certificate of authenticity.

To sign up for the 2011 Premier Guild with Darth Maul as your gift, click here!

What about the other two gifts? Well, take a guess!

For those of you who don’t know what the Premier Guild is, take a look at the benefits:

  • Members will have an option to choose from 3 Premier Guild Exclusive Mini Busts as their FREE gift! This year we will be offering a selection of 2 Star Wars and 1 Marvel Mini Busts. With the option to purchase the other 2 items.
  • Members will receive 10% off all their orders of non-exclusive/regular release products placed directly through the Gentle Giant Ltd. Website.
  • All Pre-Orders for PG Members will be guaranteed. There will be no more conditional or wait listing for our members. (If pre-ordered during the pre-order time frame)
  • First hand opportunity to purchase any exclusive that we create. This includes all distributor, international, and convention exclusives. While supplies last.
  • Opportunity to pre-order and post-order San Diego Comic Con Exclusives before anyone else. While supplies last. Limit one per member unless otherwise noted.
  • We will also be offering exclusive variants and bonus accessories for some of our 2011 releases created just for our PG members!
  • Option to purchase our exclusive annual Holiday mini bust.
  • A special discount code good for $30 towards in-stock merchandise (this code will be e-mailed to you after your order has been processed).
  • Receive inside scoop with sneak peeks of upcoming product as well as interviews from behind the scenes. This will include more information than our normal newsletter and website updates

Disclaimer: For all exclusives that are made available to PG Members, it is not guaranteed that every member will be able to obtain each product. Quantities are limited and subject to availability. Exclusives are limited to 1 per member unless otherwise noted.

Members must join by May 31st 2011 in order to be guaranteed a gift of their choice. If members join after May 31st 2011, and their choice of a gift is not available at time of shipping then one of the other 2 available gifts will be sent if still available. If all 3 gifts happen to not be available then member will be able to redeem another mini bust from our 2011 release. Subject to availability. Mini Bust redeemed cannot be valued higher than $60. Rules and regulations subject to change.

29 Responses to “The 2011 Premier Guild Memberships are Live!”

  1. I’ve been a PGM for several years, but I will not be renewing. I collect the HP line and it is now clear that the line is all but dead. Any future HP exclusives (i.e. SDCC) I’ll just get from a member of GGC. The great members over there always are willing to help another collector out!

  2. My guess for the busts are ARF Commander Trauma and Spider-Man

  3. I really like the Darth Maul bust, but since I’m still waiting on my 2010 Premier Guild “gift,” I don’t think I’ll be renewing anytime soon.

  4. I’m with you HermionesSlave: VERY disappointed that one of the PGM busts isn’t for Harry Potter :(

  5. I second Hermiones Slave feeling, I only get Harry Potter and just before the last movie nothing. So angry

  6. Gutted!! No Harry Potter bust. Come on GG

  7. I agree, no HP this year is very disappointing, it is still a good line, perhaps lowering the numbers of bust for each character you produce will solve the overstock problem.. As for Star Wars I am still a fan and will be renewing my membership because of it.. Don’t think it was a good idea to go into the Marvel line for GG, it has been done to death by other companies already…!!!

  8. This new Darth Maul bust looks spectacular!!! And sexy! ;)
    And I’m quite looking forward to the Spider-Man bust. Hopefully it will have a movie likeness. Less exciting is the choice of yet another SW trooper…

  9. i’m guessing the other 2 will be a clone wars ARF trooper and spidey.. love darth maul

  10. Very sad day!!! I was so hoping for something Harry Potter and no such luck! I’m not really into collecting Marvel stuff and the Star Wars is good, but again not collecting. Guess I won’t be renewing this year.

  11. It’s only natural that the Harry Potter line is going to wind down — the movies are almost finished and the universe is fairly limited in scope when compared to Star Wars and others. They could conceivably do another 20 busts just based on the Tantooine scenes from the beginning of ROTJ alone and they still have barely scratched all the characters from the Cantina in A New Hope.

    The new Marvel line is just good business sense: the number of characters is immense and there is already a huge customer base out there in the form of fans of the comics. Other companies have done it before, sure, but it’s not like GG is the only high-end Star Wars collectible outfit out there, either.

  12. Another Trooper and another Maul…there miss another important characters to the collection… New characters please! Don’t repeat characters with variations!!!!!!

  13. [...] = 'wpp-254'; If you’d like to know about Gentle Giant’s 2011 Premium Guild Membership, head on over here. While I’m not personally going for it, the exclusive busts are a pretty decent deal alone, [...]

  14. [...] Gentle Giant has revealed one of the three PGM (Premier Guild Member) gift mini-busts for this year. Head on over to Gentle Giant’s Blog for a closer look at a shirtless and tattooed Darth Maul! Be sure to head back later this week when another one is revealed. Recommend on Facebook Tweet about it Subscribe to the comments on this post Print for later Tell a friend Related Tags: collecting, gentle giant Previous Topic: Steve Sansweet Back at LFL? Sort of. [...]

  15. Darth maul does seem fitting , considering the 3D release for next year of TPM , i think people are expecting a bit too much from GG , maybe if GG opens a suggestion box for members to suggest what they would like to see get made , might be a good thing . I for one love all the Star Wars stuff they have been making , and as always have renewed my membership , cause there are so many benefits then just receiving a free gift

  16. So disapointed with the rest of the HP bust collectors that there is no premiem guild member selection offered!!!There are so many great characters left which would make great additions to our collections.I also agree the production numbers should be lowered.Will not be renewing my premium membership:(

  17. Does this discount code expire at the end of 2011?

    “A special discount code good for $30 towards in-stock merchandise”

  18. suggest count dooku with saber and chancellor palpatine minibust and other old republic sith lords

  19. Thanks for the suggestion! We’ll certainly take them under advisement.

  20. Hi Ben! Excellent question. Yes, the discount code does expire at the end of 2011. It is tied in directly with the 2011 PG Membership.

  21. help!

    I recently cancelled the airborne bust using the pgm discount code for airborne, however on further reflection I now want it but cant use my code now as apparently it has come invalid (but i didn’t use it) and cant order airborne either, as it states one per order, but I cancelled it.please help! I have also emailed your customer service and I am an oveseas buyer so cant really call,

  22. you guys need to get it together

  23. Wish you’d come up with more Harry Potter stuff. I’ve collected them religiously over the years and am disappointed that so few new busts are being developed.

  24. The new Marvel bust is called Spidey but looks like Venom… which one is it?

  25. Hi HP Fan! This version of Spider-Man is from the early 80′s after Secret Wars I. Here’s the story behind it (courtesy of Wikipedia):

    “In Marvel Super-Heroes Secret Wars #8 (Dec. 1984), Spider-Man’s original red-and-blue costume is destroyed in a battle; Parker comes across a machine that conjures him a uniform that responds to his thoughts, greatly enhances his powers, provides him with its own supply of web-fluid, and can change its appearance at his command. Sometime after his return to Earth, however, he discovers that the costume is actually an alien symbiote bent on permanently bonding with its host. Parker rejects and defeats the symbiote in the spin-off title Web of Spider-Man #1 and begins wearing a cloth replica, initially alternating between it and his original costume, then wearing it full-time after his last original is destroyed in battle against the villain Magma in Web of Spider-Man #17-#18. Meanwhile, the symbiote merges with reporter Eddie Brock to become the cannibalistic super villain Venom and Parker returns to his original red and blue costume.”

  26. Hi Immy! I got your e-mail and I’m working on a solution for you right now. You’ll hear back from me soon.

  27. When does a PG member receive the email with the $30 coupon towards merchandise? I joined in January and never received the code for the credit. Would greatly appreciate the help with this as the credit would help out alot. Thanks.

  28. Hi Michael!

    Thank you for getting in touch with us. We didn’t have 2011 Premier Guild Memberships available until April 1 this year, so if you purchased a membership in January, that was still for 2010. The 2010 Memberships were still available because last year’s gifts were late and we still had people interested in pre-ordering them. We do know that some collectors purchased a membership in January thinking it was for 2011. If that’s the case, we’ll honor that purchase. Simply send an e-mail to with your order confirmation number (which should be something like 114XXX) and let us know which gift you’d like to select and we’ll take care of the rest. Thanks!

  29. No Harry Potter bust, miss opportunity to please the fan of the best selling movie franchise of all time. I’m sick of seeing so much Star Wars busts. Don’t get me wrong I love Star Wars too but it’s just too much. GG start pleasing the HP fan for a change.

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