Hey folks! Welcome to the first edition of Squirrel’s Corner. Here, we aim to address questions asked by you, members of the Gentle Giant Collecting Community, answered by our very own Senior Manager of Product Development, Ashly (aka – VinylSquirrel on GGC). If you’ve got questions you’d like to see answered in future editions of Squirrel’s Corner, send them to customerservice@gentlegiantstudios.com with the heading “Squirrel’s Corner Questions” and you may see them up here! Anyhow, on with the Q&A:

1. What do collectors have to look forward to in terms of releases in the first quarter of 2011?

We have a lot of great things coming out. Here is a list of items you can expect over the next 3 months:

  • Premier Guild Gifts: Commander Fox, Elite Corps Trooper (Commander Faie), Argus Filch
  • Premier Guild Exclusive Greedo Statue
  • Holiday Padme Mini Bust
  • Trash Compactor Bookends
  • Jabba’s Palace Bookends (both regular and PG editions)
  • AFX Exclusive – Commander Bly Mini Bust
  • Darth Revan Mini Bust
  • Muftak and Kabe Mini Bust 2-Pack
  • Figrin D’an Mini Bust
  • Shea Vizla 7” Maquette
  • Snape Mini Bust
  • Star Wars Dart Board12”
  • Kenner Vintage Han Solo (big and small head)
  • 12” Kenner Vintage Chewbacca

…and maybe a few other items.

2. What are the Premier Guild Gifts for 2011?

We will be announcing our Premier Guild Gifts for 2011 once our 2010 gifts ship. Please stay tuned.

3. Can you give us a teaser/sneak peak of something coming up?

Check out our Product Development Section for some sneak peeks and exciting news!

4. Is Gentle Giant going to offer a 12″ version of the Blue Snaggletooth figure? If so, are you going to put it or a card back or in a plain white mailer like the 3 3/4″ version was originally offered in?

We love Blue Snags!  First up for the 12” Vintage Kenner line is making sure we complete the first 12.  Then our collectors can expect to see some of the cool Cantina creatures to be offered.

That’s it for now! Remember, send your questions in to customerservice@gentlegiantstudios.com with the subject line  “Squirrel’s Corner Questions” and you may see them answered here!

30 Responses to “Squirrel’s Corner, January 2011”

  1. Hi VS, liking the new blog. Can’t wait till the site is up and running.
    Q1. Is there any love for a Neville Longbottom mini-bust at GG? All the main young characters have been made & a few minor one’s like Cho & Cedric. Neville has been in all 8 films & plays a major role in the final battle…which would make a awesome mini-bust. Bloodied & battle worn with the gryffindor sword.
    Q2. Also Mr & Mrs Weasley both have been in 7 films a piece? And Slughorn (just because of the brilliant performance by Jim Broadbent,the tweed outfit & motar board hat) Enough nagging now lol. Hope you had a great new year

  2. Nice website! I have a few questions though:

    One, I thought the Cad Bane maquette was going to be released in the first quarter of 2011(around March), will it be?
    and two, looking at the pics of the maquette I noticed that the breathing apparatus is backwards(it should be on his back, not in the front), what I’m wondering is this just a sample piece or is this the final product? I pre-ordered this maquette so I hope this isn’t the final product.

  3. Can we get anything else here besides STARS WARS. I LOVE Gentle Giant sculpts, but I am not interested at all w/Star Wars, and feel that it is way too saturated with them. I LOVE the horror animated maquettes, which started my obsession w/collecting statues, and think more of those should be made. Good job w/producing Sucker Punch statues, but I would have preferred to get my hands on one of those if they were atleast under 10″ tall and affordable. Please more animated maquettes. LOVE THEM!

  4. Is the Star Wars mini bust line you have produced numerous clonetroopers….is Gentle Giant eventually going to offer all of the cantina band members or Jabba’s palace band in the mini bust line?

  5. I love the 12 inch Star Wars line. Its the product line that kept me on as a premire guild member but I have to say that I am dissappointed that Gentle Giant never made the Vinyl Cape Jawa variant nor a Double Telescoping Lightsaber for Luke, Ben, and Vader since all of these were the very first variations of the first 12 that was released back in 1977. Is this something that Gentle Giant might produce in the near future? Hint: Shorten Ben Kenobi’s cape and there you have a vinyl cape for the Jawa :)

  6. Hi Patrick! Just because we haven’t made an announcement yet doesn’t mean we haven’t thought about these things… =)

  7. Just wondering, how long will Gentle Giant carry the 12 figure line? I know lot of us collectors would love to see the complete line of the 92 figures including Yak Face (plus the Droids series w/ Vlix) and possibly a Rocket Firing Boba Fett as well and as was stated by another member, the Blue Snaggletooth. =)

  8. I really hope GG produces the 12″ Blue Snaggletooth on a card back, using the original Kenner one but changing his jacket from red to blue (and bubble back color from yellow to blue). This would look really sharp, especially when displayed with the other carded 12″ cantina figures! I’ve seen custom card backs like this for original 3 3/4″ Blue Snaggletooth, just look on eBay or do a Google search.

    But if GG decides on the plain white mailer box, then please make it with a window so figure can be seen without having to open the packaging. Or give us a choice between carded or plain white mailer. :)

  9. I am wondering, is Gentle Giant going to be releasing a SDCC Star Wars Large Size Action Figure and if so what might it be?

  10. Sorry, I should have stated my last question as “Is Gentle Giant going to be releasing a SDCC Star Wars Exclusive Large Size Action Figure?” (Maybe a Yoda with Brown Snake, maybe?):)

  11. Can’t comment officially about any of the SDCC exclusives for 2011 yet, but considering how popular the 12″ Stormtrooper and 12″ Boba Fett both were, it’s a pretty safe bet. =)

  12. Hi Chris! Thanks for the suggestion. I can’t confirm or deny plans for a 12″ Blue Snaggletooth yet, but if we do go forward with one, I imagine we’ll work to keep as faithful to the original figure as possible, including the packaging.

  13. I got my G.G. Han Solo 12 inch figure in and I am very happy with everything. I just need to ask these two questions because me and five other collectors were wondering if Gentle Giant had or might consider making a playset for these figures like a Creature Cantina? Second question and I know this one is a stretch, but has Gentle Giant considered making a larger version of the display bin for these figures? The one I am referring to is the counter display that had a plastic tray with the photo back drop of the original 12 figures that were out? We think that would be the Ultimate piece to be able to display these figures in. So let us know Gentle Giant if you might have plans to do this because “Collectors Minds Want To Know” :)

  14. Happy Star Wars Day Gentle Giant and May the 4th Be with you :)

  15. Here is my question number ten billion haha. Would Gentle Giant ever consider doing a vintage style Star Wars Special Action Figure Set just like the ones back in the late 70′s early 80′s with the HERO Set, VILLAN Set, DROID Set, REBEL Set, etc? Since Gentle Giant has the models for some of the figures already, just saying it would be an awesome item to purchase :)

  16. Interesting idea… not outside the realm of possibility…

  17. Hi what’s the status of the Potter minibust line? Nothing has been announced since Trelawnly. We did see artwork of Umbridge, but nothing since. Since this is a big year for Potter I would of hoped for some news on new minibusts before the license is over. Neville Longbottom was hinted at over a year ago & fan favourites like Arthur & Molly have yet to be made. I really hope sales are strong enough to continue this line.

  18. thank you for taking the time to listen to my ideas. When your unemployed like me, you have lots of time to come up with interesting ideas hahaha :)

  19. I was just wondering when we will be seeing the pre-order for C-3PO and R2-D2 12 inch figures?

  20. With the SDCC just a month away, can you tell us if there will be a SDCC Exclusive 12″ Action Figure available?

  21. Hi Patrick! Yes, there will be a 12″ Action Figure Exclusive for SDCC. We’ll be announcing it in the next few weeks.

  22. We’ll be announcing them in the near future. =)

  23. Thank you Gentle Giant for making the Vinyl Cape Jawa. Any plans on making a large size Land Speeder for the Luke,Ben,C-3PO & R2-D2 figures?

  24. Any chance that there will be a double telescoping lightsaber for the Ben, Luke and Vader figures also I was asked to see if there would be the hollowed cheek version of the Sand People 12 inch figures or an Early Bird Edition Set of the 12 inch figures?

  25. Before you consider closing the Harry Potter line I ask you to consider a mini-bust of Professor Flintwick and perhaps a speciality piece of the Golden Trio Together. Also a Hogwarts Castle Statue would be a HUGE seller.

  26. Just wondering with the end of the Harry potter movies is there any hope of a James and Lily Potter mini-bust set or maybe the weasley parents?
    Oh yeah maybe shoulda made a few more neville longbottoms they went too fast to pre-order.

  27. so when will the Blue Snaggletooth 12 inch be introduced? I seen from the clip that a Blue Snaggletooth lays somewhere in the future, so when will it be introduced :)

  28. When we choose to introduce him. =) Keep your eyes open.

  29. will there be any playsets or vehicles made for the 12 inch star wars figures?

  30. Now that the red snaggletooth has been announced I bet that we will see blue snags as a sdcc or (hopefully) star wars celebration 6 exclusive

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