Hey everyone! We’re looking forward to posting our questions for the February edition of Squirrel’s Corner, but we need your questions! Please e-mail them in to customerservice@gentlegiantstudios.com with the subject “February Squirrel’s Corner Submission.” Thanks!

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  1. What’s up with the Marvel sections on the site? I assume information will be coming soon regarding products?

  2. Will we be seeing any more big name Star Wars PT or EU (non video game based) characters this year?

  3. Any info on the star wars Kustomz line ?
    Vaders star Destroyer and jawas sandcrawler.

  4. Will a Darth Nihilus bust be procuced?

  5. Will we see soon any Jango or Padme Statue? Thanks

  6. @DawnofDeadeye – yes, we will have a major product announcement and line roll-out for Marvel coming soon.
    @Erik – =)
    @DW – Thank you for your inquiry. Unfortunately the Kustomz line is currently on hold and we do not have a timeline established for its return. If/when we do, we’ll be certain to make an announcement.
    @D_peters – =)
    @xavkin – =)

  7. Is the Leia SpeederBike with Wicket dio going to be released? SpeederBike sculpt is top notch – would love to see this out, as well as a future “Luke” piece (riding bike maybe?)

  8. Are there plans for Jabba’s denizens bust such as Ree Yees, Tessek (Squid Head) or Nien Numb slated for a 2011 release?

  9. What’s with the silly “-=)” for answers? If these are the type of answers we can expect from you guys then what’s the point of having this section?!

    It’s silly stuff like this that really ticks off the collectors, YOUR CUSTOMERS, and drives them away. I don’t get you guys… You try and appease your customers with ideas that could be good, like this “Squirel’s Corner Q&A,” and yet you continually fail at them miserably by blowing things off as you did here!

    Understandably you may not be able to answer all questions for various reasons but, if people take the time to ask they at the very least deserve a better answer than -=)!

  10. Can we expect some new Harry Potter busts for 2011? I am hoping for a few in addition to Pettigrew, Snape, and Trelawny. Perhaps Neville and the Weasleys?

  11. With all the product arriving in the next 30 days, will we be seeing more unboxed pics?

  12. To everyone asking about plans for future products, as Customer Service, I can neither confirm nor deny whether we have any plans for any of the suggested pieces at this time (hence the slightly cheeky “=)” response). If you’d like to ask VS, please make sure you E-MAIL your questions in to customerserivce@gentlegiantstudios.com with the heading “February Squirrel’s Corner Submission” and I’ll make sure she gets them for her next Q&A. Thank you! =)

    Also, @Quinn – yes, we do plan to do unboxing videos for each of the new products coming out. Unfortunately I’m a little slammed with replying to customer e-mails right now. My goal is to have more of them up next week. You can expect Commander Fox, Padme and the SWS Exclusive Airbourne Commander in the near future.

  13. With the picture of a Darth Nihilus bust shown in the rebelscum forums, apparently from a toy fair in Nurenberg, can you comment more on this piece?

  14. You guys have done a fantastic job with the creatures from the Star Wars OT (i.e. Taun Taun, Wampa, Rancor). Are there any plans in the near future to make them of the other movies such as the Reek, Nexu or Acklay?

  15. How much longer before we start receiving shipping notices and tracking numbers? I see where I have been charged for items but for what items I don’t know.

  16. when are things going to be updated? Today is the last day of Febuary and you aree still askiing for questions for the Febuary edition of squirls conner. Plus when are we going to start receiving tracking #s? The only way I know my order has processed to ship is by my bank account.

  17. The new site is an improvement, but needs a phone number for customer service.

    Also, when your credit card is charged, it should send an auto email letting you know, as well as a follow-up email giving you the shipping information and tracking number.

    Even the most basic seller on ebay has this ability, so why not here?

    Being charged for something and not having a clue if it has shipped or not, and with no way to track it, is unacceptable in this day and age.

    Thanks for your time.

  18. What’s next for the Star Wars Animated Maquette line?

  19. The main reason to order directly through your site is to get the product first. These days other online stores are shipping product out way before you all. Is this trend going to continue? If so, then there really is no benefit to order directly from GGLTD.

  20. Is the Wizard Of Oz line going to be scrapped? There release keeps getting pushed back again and again. Will they really be released in August this year (2011)?

  21. Any hopes for resurrecting the bust-up line (Star Wars, Marvel etc.)?

  22. Throw us a bone on the horror line animated maquettes please.

  23. Throw us a bone on the horror line animated maquettes please. Is there any in production at all?

  24. Hi Danny! Thanks for asking.No we do not have any further plans for the Horror line at this time. If that changes, we’ll certainly let everyone know. Thanks!

  25. I wanted to know when the Voldemort and Harry Potter statues are due to be released. I preordered them a month ago on a release date of SOME TIME in March. Some other websites are saying April or even June. Also any word on the Snape and Dumbledore statue release dates?? Thanks

  26. Can we expect more sucker punch statues? Would love to have Blue and the wise man next to the girls :D

  27. What good is the Q and A if you never get an answer? I have emailed and left questions on this page with still no answers about the 1/4 scale Harry Potter statues. At least say no update or before Dec 2012!

  28. I wish you would make 1/6 scale statues along with your 1/4 scale statues. I would love to have a smaller version of Baby doll sucker punch statue. Any chance of making 1/6 scales of different statues in the future?

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