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We had a moment to sit with Steven Daily, the artist behind the “Magnitude” painting from ACME ARCHIVES, and now collectible mini bust. We are excited to announce that this mini bust will be one of our Star Wars San Diego Comic Con exclusives this year and will be limited to 500 pieces.

What was your inspiration for creating the “Magnitude” painting?
I was studying a lot of master work going to the Getty and drawing a lot.
I approached this concept, with the vision of a Mans den, red leather, ornate desk, brandy, taxidermy.
I wanted to make Star Wars for your den, a Man’s Star Wars piece. But I also wanted to do it in humorous way, to not be too serious.

How does it feel to have your painting turned into a 3-dimensional piece?
It is such a rad piece! It was so interesting to watch it all evolve from, the sketch , painting, digital sculpt, sculpt, master, to production.
Truly amazing to see the process, and my painting come to life.

Who is your favorite Star Wars character?
That’s a tough one, I have a few:
Boba Fett, Vader, Chewie, Gonk Droids, Ackbar, Ig-88, Biker Scouts, Snow Troopers, the list goes on and on.
Boba Fett had the least amount of screen time and made the largest amount of impression on my young mind.

What was your favorite or most interesting part of the process of creating this mini bust?
The collaboration, I was honored that you guys wanted me to be a part of the process.
Watching it evolve was amazing, from beginning to end.

Thank you, Steven. We loved making this and can’t wait to share it with our collectors and Star Wars fans.
Be sure to stop by our booth, #3513 at San Deigo Comic Con in July to purchase this mini bust and meet the artist, Steven Daily. Times will be announced in the next few weeks.

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