Because you asked for it,  here is an updated shipping schedule! We will update the website with new information as it becomes available.

As you can see, most of the Premier Guild Gifts are not scheduled to arrive into our facility until 2013. For this reason, the 2012 Premier Guild Memberships will be extended into 2013 until all the pre-ordered PGM Gifts have been processed. We will be sending out prior notification to our current members regarding renewals for 2013 as the date gets closer.

  • 80276    Republic Commando PGM 2012 Mini Bust    Star Wars    Jan 2013
  • 80297    Jar Jar and W. Wald Holiday    Star Wars    Jan 2013
  • 80202    R2-D2 Maquette    Star Wars    Jan 2013
  • 80026    General Veers Mini Bust    Star Wars    Jan 2013
  • 80165    Iron Man Classic Silver Mini Bust    Marvel    Jan 2013
  • 80221    Iron Man Mark II (Gold Armor) Mini Bust    Marvel   Jan 2013
  • 80270    Dwalin PGM 2012 Mini Bust    The Hobbit    Jan 2013
  • 80275    Rebel Fleet Trooper PGM 2012 Mini Bust    Star Wars    Jan 2013
  • 80273    Voldemort PGM 2012 Mini Bust    Harry Potter    Jan 2013
  • 80037    SW CW AT-RT Web Ex. Maquette    Star Wars    Jan 2013
  • 9617    SW Chess Set    Star Wars    Jan 2013
  • 80277    Gamorrean Guard Kenner POTF PGM 2012 Figure    Star Wars    Feb 2013

Please do not hesitate to contact customer service via email at or phone 818.504.3555 Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm PST if you need additional information.

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