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We have Two More Posters created by the talented artist Matt Busch  to give out .  So in case you missed out on the last “Speed Trivia” Contest Here is the second round. Send in the answers to the questions listed below as fast as you can . Those of you who answer all the questions correctly will be entered into a raffle where the winner will be awarded a print of “Attack Of The Undead” Poster.



How to enter:
-Answer all the questions listed below accurately and correctly.
-Send your answers to Customerservice@gentlegiantstudios.com with the Subject : Attack Of The Undead.
-Include your name, city and state with your entry.
-All entries must be received no later than 9am PST on Wednesday October 31th.
-The Winner will be selected 10am Thursday November 1st

-What planet was the clone army developed on?
-What color is Mace Windu’s light saber
-What code name was Episode two shipped under?
-What was Aunt Beru’s maiden name?
-What was the name of the order the clones we given to execute?
-This was the first movie where Yoda used what?
-Who is Zam Wessel and what was she killed by?


Here is a link to Matt Busch’s Website






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  1. [...] Los Angeles Originally Posted by kevb0977 Chris, What are the chances that we could be given an option for the choice of base we have when buying a Gentle Giant statue??? I personally prefer the small rectangle bases you used to make, like the bases for the Stormtrooper statues & Boba Fett…, although the new round bases are nice, they are annoying when it comes to displaying the statues with these bases as they just take up too much room on a shelf…, most of us haven't got masses of space for our collections so it'd be great if Gentle Giant could think about that when designing a new base for the statues, the rectangle bases mean I can fit 7 statues on one of my shelves, the round ones reduce that to 4, not good for future collecting when all your space is taken up by vast bases!!! Thanks. hey Kevbo, i know what you mean. i can see how it would be tough some times finding space for the busts especially if you have a larger collection. if its appropriate In the next line of mini busts or statues the development department will make the choice on which shape they will be. Either square rectangular or circle. It really comes down to what makes the piece look the best. Originally Posted by DarthXyess Hey chris I was wondering if GG have ever considered making a Darth Plaguies MB ? If not I think it would be a good suggestion since I think he would be quiet popular also a Darth Krayt MB would be popular so make that another suggestion. Sorry if i give you a similar answer to one of your previous questions. But im not sure if they have or havnt there are alot of pieces in the works and have been for months or even years before i got here. Id haft to get back to you on that one. Originally Posted by LightSword Just wanted to give Chris a big THANK YOU! for notifying me today I've won the super cool Zombie Menace poster in the contest. After having some money stolen by someone in Amazon for an item I tried to purchase, getting Chris' E-mail today with the good news sure made my day. Thanks for the good news, Chris! Im glad you took the chance and entered the contest. If any of you entered in the last contest , which i think acouple of you did. Im hosting another one for the Episode 2 poster Attack of the Zombies. So Check it out! Speed Trivia Round Two [...]

  2. you forgot to mention his
    where he has so much more…..

  3. [...] Originally Posted by silverfox Hi, Any new release details on the AT-RT Maquette? Also, before Greg left he was going to let me know how much it weighs. Can you tell me? Thank you for your time. Both of these items look like there going to be coming out more towards the end of the year Edition Size on the captain America is 550 Edition size on the SW CW AT-RT Web Exclusive Maquette is 200 i still have not been able to get a weight on the AT-RT. ill update the site and inform you once i do. Also if you guys are interested there is another Contest going on for a poster give away. on our blog, check it out if your interested Speed Trivia Round Two [...]

  4. Tricky, 3 and 4 are top notch questions :)

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